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The main mineral composition of molten chrome corundum brick is -Al2O3-Cr2O3 solid solution. The secondary mineral consists of a small amount of composite spinel (or no composite spinel) and a refractory brick with a chromium oxide content of 1% - 30%. Corundum products are available in molten cast chrome corundum bricks and sintered black corundum bricks. Chrome corundum bricks generally refer to sintered chrome corundum bricks. In the -al2o3 as raw material, an appropriate amount of chrome oxide powder and chrome corundum clinker powder are added, and after molding, it is fired at a high temperature.

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The content of chromium oxide in sintered chrome steel bricks is generally lower than that in fused chromium corundum bricks. The alpha alumina powder and the chromium oxide powder may also be uniformly mixed by a mud casting method, and the thick sludge is added by a degluing agent and an organic binder, and a part of the white alumina clinker is added, which is a brick grouting method. Then was fired. The fused chrome zirconium corundum brick (AZCS brick, ER2161, France) is produced by a non-shrinkage casting process.

(cheap 100 grit aluminum oxide white wholesale usa)White corundum, the skin and interior of the brick are dark green. The molten brick contains 4.5% shrinkage holes and no connected pores. The formation of aluminum chrome spinel solid solution Al2O3·Cr2O3 (about 56%, the rest is oblique zircon and glass phase) increases the viscosity of the glass phase, greatly improving the corrosion resistance of the glass, which is 3.4 times that of ERl681, ERl711 2.6 times. However, Cr2O3 causes coloration of liquid glass and cannot be used for colorless transparent glass.

At the same time, its foaming index is not ideal, so it is an ideal material for the superstructure of tank kiln. The colored glass kiln can be made of AZCS bricks containing Cr2O3 to improve the corrosion resistance of the wall. About 20% of the bricks contain Cr2O3. The main crystalline phase is still (C+Z) eutectic, but the corundum based crystal is (al2-xcrx)O3 and the brown fused alumina main crystalline phase is (al2-xcrx)O3. The glass phasor is similar to a conventional fused AZS brick, about 20%.(cheap 100 grit aluminum oxide white wholesale usa)

It was found that a large amount of Cr2O3 was dissolved in the glass, and the chromium ion forming the glass structure was identified as Cr2+. That is, cr3+ is reduced to Cr2+ in the melt. This is due to the fact that the melt is in a relatively reduced atmosphere. Application: At present, the application of brown aluminum oxide bricks has been extensive, mainly used in carbon black furnaces, rolling furnace slides and steel platforms. It has good thermal stability and high temperature creep performance, which meets the requirements of the national recycling economy.

(cheap 100 grit aluminum oxide white wholesale usa)Sintered chrome corundum brick is widely used in glass kiln lining, fluid hole cover glass brick, glass fiber kiln body and upwind, stained glass kiln with severe corrosion, insulating glass fiber kiln wall, bottom and furnace preheating equipment. With the support of coal water slurry pressurized gasification furnace, metallurgical molten pool and rotary kiln of ceramic glaze kiln discharge port, zinc smelting furnace and garbage incinerator. Similarly, quartz sand is also a very fragile brown fused aluminum oxide abrasive.

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