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In daily life, we will encounter castables, such as corundum castables and corundum mullite castables when the circulating fluidized bed boiler is used as a castable for boiler lining(cheap pink alumina wholesale supplier). The castable, but the performance is very different, so what is the difference between corundum castable and corundum mullite castable? The following small series bring everyone to discuss! The main component of brown fused alumina is Al2O3, which belongs to the trigonal system.

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The crystal has a short column shape with a true density of 3.85 to 4.01 g/cm3, a hardness of 9, and a melting point of about 2050 °C(white aluminium oxide powder). Corundum mullite high-strength wear-resistant refractory castables mainly have good wear resistance and fire resistance, while corundum mullite high-strength wear-resistant refractory castables mainly have good thermal shock resistance(aluminium oxide blast media). In the preparation process of the castable, corundum and mullite are added, and the aluminum content in the castable is as high as 99%(cheap pink alumina wholesale supplier).

Both of these include corundum(cheap pink alumina wholesale supplier)Corundum can be used as a raw material for advanced refractory materials. Corundum is generally made of industrial alumina or bauxite after sintering or electrofusion. Therefore, industrial brown aluminum oxide belongs to artificial corundum, but the density and hardness of artificial corundum are relatively large, and the use effect is relatively significant. The chemical composition of the glass phase was determined by micro-area analysis.

(cheap pink alumina wholesale supplier)Corundum mullite is rarely found in nature. Mullite raw materials are widely used in the refractory industry due to their high purity, high density, good structure, low creep rate, low thermal expansion, good thermal shock resistance and strong resistance to chemical attack. In addition, the development speed is relatively fast, but if the ratio of corundum to mullite is taken, the hardness and true density of brown aluminium oxide are much better than mullite(cheap pink alumina wholesale supplier).

Corundum itself has high thermal conductivity and electrical insulation, excellent chemical stability and anti-reducing agent properties(aluminum oxide sandblasting sand). However, the aluminum content of corundum mullite castables is not as high as that of corundum mullite. In the preparation process of the refractory castable, brown fused aluminum oxide is added, and the aluminum content in the castable is more than 90%, and the hardness and strength can be greatly improved.(cheap pink alumina wholesale supplier)

The hardness, strength, wear resistance and scouring ability can reach a certain range, and the application effect is also good(cheap pink alumina wholesale supplier). Under a certain pressure, white aluminium oxide can quickly hit the surface of the object with sharp edges and corners, so it is regarded as a very fast way of spraying. It relies on the force of the moving liquid to transmit power(sandblasting sand). The hydraulic transmission is easy to achieve overload protection, the system is overloaded, and the oil returns to the tank through the overflow valve. 

(cheap pink alumina wholesale supplier)The hydraulic transmission can implement stepless speed regulation during operation, and the speed regulation is convenient and the speed regulation range is relatively large. Both fused chrome corundum bricks and sintered chrome corundum bricks are pink corundum products. Up to 100:1 ~ 2000:1. Hydraulic components are manufactured with high precision and high cost, so professional production must be organized. The raw materials used for refractory materials are synthetic.

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