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Cheap White Aluminum Oxide Abrasive Wholesale

The main chemical component of bauxite aggregate is AL2O3, and the application of bauxite in castables is very extensive, especially when it is used as a refractory material. The high alumina crucible extended from bauxite Soil, bauxite fine pink aluminum oxide powder, bauxite clinker, etc. have different uses, so what should be paid attention to in bauxite in castables? What are the uses of bauxite fine powder? introduce!

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The bauxite refractory castable refers to an amorphous refractory material which is mixed with a certain proportion of refractory aggregates and refractory black corundum powders, plus a fire-resistant binder. When selecting bauxite raw materials, AL2O3 and refractoriness are two indicators. Therefore, when selecting, it is necessary to select suitable bauxite products for use. High alumina refractory castables use high alumina bauxite aggregate 65-70%, aluminum cement 7-10%, silica fume and alumina powder 5-8%, bauxite fine powder 15-24%, water reducer 0.2%.(cheap white aluminum oxide abrasive wholesale)

Add some retarder or accelerator to the construction requirements. The ratio of each component is not important. It is important to select various raw materials and gradings, and to make the proportioning of raw materials, so that the performance of brown fused aluminum oxide can achieve high quality performance. High alumina castable formula Many of the raw materials are not fixed, and the quality of raw materials is good or bad. In the configuration process, it is important to meet the needs of customers and meet the user's usage standards.

(cheap white aluminum oxide abrasive wholesale)Alumina powder is the main component of brown fused alumina and white aluminium oxide. Its quality determines the quality of corundum abrasive to a large extent. Not only that, high-temperature calcined alumina powder has a wide range of uses, and alumina powder has good sintering performance and conversion. High rate and low sodium content. The product quality is reliable, with high melting point, good thermal stability, high hardness, good wear resistance, high mechanical strength, good electrical insulation and corrosion resistance.

Here is a brief introduction to the characteristics and uses of calcined active alpha alumina micropowder. Features: The new brown aluminium oxide production line of activated alumina micropowder adopts high quality imported (Australia) alumina as raw material, adopts German low temperature special phase technology, and is modified by special filler. It is calcined into activated alpha alumina powder at low temperature, and then advanced. Grinding technology and process to produce active alpha alumina micropowder. The original grain size reaches 0.5-2 um.

Mainly used in the following industries: manufacturing bauxite cement, white aluminum oxide abrasive materials, firefighters can use refractory fiber cloth to make clothes. Uses: large activity, large fineness, and good particle shape (near circular shape) is an ideal raw material for the production of various amorphous refractories. Due to its high activity and large fineness, it is especially effective for qualitative products to reduce the firing temperature and improve the high temperature performance index.(cheap white aluminum oxide abrasive wholesale)

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