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Black corundum and brown corundum are widely used as artificial abrasives, and they carry their own missions in the industry. However, many people ask about the difference between black corundum and brown corundum when choosing abrasives. For those who are not in the line Many people will have such questions, so let me explain them in detail today! Black corundum and brown corundum are generally the same raw materials, but there are still very different in actual use.

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The difference between black corundum and brown corundum can be expressed in the following aspects: different colors. The color of brown fused alumina is mostly brown, sometimes it is black and sometimes reddish; the color of black fused alumina is black with metallic color. Product hardness is different. Since the content of alumina in brown fused alumina is higher than that of black fused alumina, the hardness of brown fused alumina is also larger than that of black fused alumina.

(cheap black aluminium oxide wholesale supplier)The objects used are different. Brown fused alumina is used in general abrasives and most objects can be used. In fact, the smelting method of black corundum and brown aluminum oxide is similar, except that black corundum consumes less electricity than brown corundum during smelting, which is about two-thirds of brown corundum(100 grit aluminum oxide blast media). The power system for smelting brown fused alumina is basically based on the smelting stage.

Different uses. Brown aluminium oxide can be used in the production and processing of refractory materials, polishing and polishing of fine instruments, auxiliary materials for wear-resistant materials, black corundum can be used for polishing aluminum products and stainless steel, making sandpaper, emery cloth and resin abrasives.(cheap black aluminium oxide wholesale supplierIn this article, we mainly introduce load control: load control is to control the current and voltage of the corundum smelting process(120 grit aluminum oxide blasting media).

How to choose? The alumina content is much lower than brown fused alumina, and the chemical composition is stable, wear-resistant, acid and alkali resistant. What is the use of brown fused aluminum oxide powder? In the process of production, brown fused alumina will divide brown fused alumina into granules of different specifications, such as brown fused alumina sand, brown corundum granular sand, brown fused alumina powder, etc., and the use of different specifications is different. 

The smelting method is different. The dumping furnace must push the surrounding charge to the center of the molten pool during the refining period, otherwise it will fall to the middle of the bag and affect the quality of the corundum during the dumping process(240 grit aluminum oxide). The smelting operation mainly includes load control, quality appraisal, feeding speed, furnace condition analysis and treatment of abnormal phenomena, etc.

(cheap black aluminium oxide wholesale supplier)The brown corundum micropowder has high hardness, high strength, impact resistance, high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance and low creep. The abrasive has a sharp-edged shell-like fracture, which can form new corners during continuous grinding and grading, and the grinding ability is not weak. Black corundum only targets some special user objects(100 grit aluminum oxide). Different characteristics.

Ceramic resin abrasives, sand blasting, grinding and polishing, white alumina widely used in non-slip wear-resistant raceways, high temperature resistant substrate coatings and advanced refractory materials for industrial furnaces such as metallurgy and chemical industry. Carbon steel, alloy steel, malleable cast iron, hard bronze, glass products, precision grinding discs, precision polishing, abrasive nonwovens and semiconductor materials(180 grit aluminum oxide).

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