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White corundum and brown corundum are one of the more commonly used abrasives on the market(white aluminum oxide blast media wholesale usa). The main chemical component is AL2O3. According to the content of alumina powder, it can be divided into first grade and second grade. Let's take a look at it in detail: First, the microscopic image method: The microscopic image method includes a microscope, a CCD camera (or a digital camera), a graphic acquisition card, a computer, and the like.

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Dynamic light scattering method(white aluminum oxide blast media wholesale usa)Its basic working principle is to enlarge the microscope and then transfer the particle image to the computer through the CCD camera and the graphic acquisition card(alumina abrasive). In addition to the above several particle size testing methods, the scraping method, the settling bottle method, the gas permeable method, the ultrasonic method, and the dynamic light scattering method are commonly used in the production and research fields(fused aluminium oxide).

The application range is very wide(carborundum grit). So how to sift its granularity? The computer performs edge recognition and other processing on these images to calculate the projected area of each particle. According to the principle of equivalent projection area, each particle is obtained. The brown fused alumina particle size distribution, and then counting the number of particles in the set particle size range, the particle size distribution can be obtained(white aluminum oxide blast media wholesale usa).

(white aluminum oxide blast media wholesale usa)Since the number of particles detected in this method is small in a single time, the same sample can be measured multiple times by changing the field of view method to improve the authenticity of the test results. Second, other brown aluminum oxide particle size test methods: Ventilation method: In addition, oxides begin to form on the anode surface, In particular, low-cost transition oxides are formed.

The sample is first loaded into a metal tube and compacted, and the metal tube is installed in a gas path to form a closed loop gas path. As the gas in the gas path flows, the gas will pass through the pink corundum gaps in the particles. If the sample is coarse, the gap between the particles is large, and the gas flow side is hindered to be small; the sample is fine, the gap between the particles is small, and the gas flow is hindered.(white aluminum oxide blast media wholesale usa)

This method can only obtain an average particle size value and cannot measure the particle size distribution. This method is mainly used in the magnetic materials industry. Scraper method: The brown fused alumina price and white corundum samples were scraped onto a flat surface to observe the roughness to evaluate whether the sample size was acceptable. This method uses a method in the coatings industry. A qualitative particle size test method.(white aluminum oxide blast media wholesale usa)

The laser scattering method described above can be understood as static light scattering method. When the white aluminium oxide particles are small to a certain extent, the particles are affected by Brownian motion in the liquid, showing a random motion state, and the moving distance is related to the moving speed and the particle size(white aluminum oxide blast media wholesale usa). The particle size distribution can be obtained by recognizing the motion state of these particles by the related art(brown fused alumina grit).

The ventilation method is also called the Freund's method(white aluminum oxide blast media wholesale usa)The diffusion rate of these metal ions into the deep solution is slower than that of metal ions entering the solution near the anode surface from the lattice, which increases the concentration of metal ions near the anode surface and forms the concentration polarization of the anode(alumina grit). Then, the dissolution rate of metal slows down, the resistance on the anode surface increases, the voltage increases and the current density decreases.

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