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Brown Fused Aluminium Oxide Wholesale Price

Stainless steel surface treatment and abrasive requirements: 1. Non-cast steel surface treatment requirements. Surface cleanliness class P1, white alumina surface cleaning grade Sa2.5 roughness between 40-75p m, soluble salt S 30mg/m2 (corresponding to NaC1) relative humidity <60%, stainless steel plate Surface temperature is at least 5 °C above the dew point temperature. No casting steel sanding abrasive requirements. Abrasive clean, hard, angular PH value tested by PH test paper, dry and conductivity <1505s/cm (IS011127-6).

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Abrasive quality should be approved by shipowners and paint manufacturers. Introduction of garnet and brown fused alumina abrasives and comparison of technical indicators. Garnet suppliers and brown fused aluminum oxide abrasives. Garnet is an abrasive made of natural ore. It is mainly composed of iron-aluminum garnet (mainly containing iron-aluminum silicate crystal). The hardness is generally not more than 8 Mohs. The manufacturer generally owns a large garnet mine. The place of production is in Shandong, Jiangsu and Inner Mongolia.

(brown fused aluminium oxide wholesale price)Experimental equipment and methods for garnet and brown aluminium oxide abrasive sand washing experiments: environmentally-friendly automatic sandblasting machine, 12mm secondary air inlet nozzle, roughness tester, 6 pieces of 600mm*800mm stainless steel plate, 500kg of garnet and brown corundum abrasive; Experimental comparisons were made between garnet abrasive of different specifications in domestic shipyards and brown corundum abrasives of different specifications.

Brown corundum abrasive. The brown corundum is made of bauxite and auxiliary materials in the electric arc furnace at a high temperature of 2,000 ° C or higher. The pink corundum hardness of the first grade is usually greater than 9 Mohs and the alumina content is above 96%. The main producing areas are in Henan and Guizhou. From the experimental results, it can be seen that: With the reduction of the particle size of the brown fused alumina abrasive, the surface roughness of the stainless steel is also reduced, but the cleanliness of the stainless steel surface is gradually improved.(brown fused aluminium oxide wholesale price)

The selection of first-class brown corundum and high-quality iron-aluminum garnet abrasives can meet the requirements of technical specifications. Compared with brown corundum, garnet has a congenital deficiency, so it is not as good as brown aluminum oxide abrasive in sand washing efficiency and breakage rate. The garnet abrasive sanding generally has the problem of sand-embedding. Although the selection of the small-size abrasive can solve the sand-embedding, the roughness of the punching is difficult to reach the requirement of 40-75um, and the brown-gum abrasive of the 22-mesh size can satisfy the roughness. Degree requirements.

(brown fused aluminium oxide wholesale price)The surface of garnet after sand washing is brighter and more beautiful, and it is more acceptable in cleanliness. The dust generated during the sand washing is extremely large. In comparison, garnet abrasive price is more harmful to occupational health. Conclusion: Considering the factors of cost control, technical requirements, sand washing efficiency, etc., brown fused alumina abrasives are more suitable for the surface treatment of stainless steel in ballast tanks of chemical tankers.

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