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Cheap Pink Aluminium Oxide Wholesale Supplier

Like the white corundum, brown corundum is a kind of artificial abrasive. The common name is also known as emery. It has the characteristics of good grinding performance, high purity, good crystal quality, not easy to be broken, wide application range and low price. Suitable for all kinds of common steel, general steel, smelting iron, no blast, no powder, no cracking when used. So how do we distinguish the quality of brown fused alumina when we buy brown fused alumina?

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In fact, when we buy brown fused alumina, we can judge the quality of the brown fused alumina we bought by shape, color and size. In terms of shape and size, the good black corundum jasper is the quality of the original mineral of brown fused alumina. The good original minerals are mainly spherical small particles, the size is very small, the impact resistance is large, and the surface looks bright and shiny. As far as color is concerned, it is better to have a deep purple color.(cheap pink aluminium oxide wholesale supplier)

But it can also be seen that it is light-transmissive and shiny. Such brown fused aluminum oxide has high hardness, good self-sharpness and good toughness. The less the mass of the material sucked by strong magnetic energy, the better. So how to judge it? The brown fused alumina granules are relatively small, the color will be lighter, the large brown fused alumina color will be deeper, the same material of brown fused alumina, its color is deep and shallow is the whole brown fused alumina Particle size is closely related.

(cheap pink aluminium oxide wholesale supplier)The color of brown fused alumina is usually brown and translucent, and the high-aluminum brown fused alumina color is lighter in color and shiny brown. Under the sun's rays, the transparency of brown aluminum oxide will be high. The darker brown fused alumina with a little bit of color will have higher hardness, high wear resistance and high iron content. In addition, it is important to note that you should not buy brown fused alumina that is very dark and not transparent. Don't buy rosé or light brown fused alumina. Those are inferior products, and the loss will be great when used.

The white aluminium oxide powder of the material can be measured without dispersing the sample. Disadvantages: only the average particle size value can be obtained, and the particle size distribution cannot be measured; it can't measure less than 5um fine powder. X-ray small angle scattering method. Used for particle size measurement of nanoscale particles. Photon correlation spectroscopy (dynamic light scattering method). Particle size measurement for nanoscale particles.(cheap pink aluminium oxide wholesale supplier)

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