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Cheap Black Aluminum Oxide 70 Grit Abrasive Media

Chromium corundum is the best choice for cupola furnace lining. The brown fused aluminum oxide melting furnace temperature of the waist cupola is 1450~1500°C, the silicon burning loss is <8%, the manganese burning loss is <13%, the coke ratio is 1:7~9, and the iron oxide content is <6%, it also has the characteristics of good energy saving effect. In practice, the ordinary refractory bricks and refractory materials are used to build the cupola. Since it has a high content of Cr2O3 and is combined with a corundum matrix, it is called chrome corundum

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After 50 kg of iron is produced, the temperature of the molten iron can reach 1410 °C or more immediately, and the temperature can reach 1450~1550 °C in half an hour. However, after 1 hour and 50 minutes of furnace opening, the white aluminium oxide temperature will drop again and fall to around 1410 °C. The next day, the furnace was turned on and the refractory material near the two exhaust vents was completely eroded. The card waist furnace became a straight cupola, thus losing its advantages.(cheap black aluminum oxide 70 grit abrasive media)

In order to maintain the advantages of the card waist cupola, it is necessary to solve the fire resistance of the lining. material. After research and argumentation. This problem can be solved well by using a chrome corundum with excellent performance as a lining. Chrome white corundum is a product made by reducing Cr2O3 with pure aluminum. It is equivalent to a composite refractory material prepared by adding pure corundum (or white corundum) to 10% or more of pure Cr2O3 after melting.

(cheap black aluminum oxide 70 grit abrasive media)In the production process, chrome corundum is subjected to high temperature smelting above 2000 °C, and its composition is relatively uniform because of its good thermal stability and high temperature chemical stability. The chrome brown aluminum oxide block which is cooled and solidified after melting is small in porosity, so the key part of the furnace body is made of chrome corundum, and the chrome corundum powder and the binder are used to fill the gap of the brick.

The high density of chrome corundum is one of the key factors to improve the life of the lining. The high density of chrome brown fused alumina is one of the key factors to improve the life of the lining. Electron microscopy. Advantages: Suitable for testing super-new particles or even nanoparticles, with high resolution and morphological and structural analysis. It is not used for general powders. Breathing method. Advantages: The instrument price is low.(cheap black aluminum oxide 70 grit abrasive media)

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