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Cheap Black Fused Alumina Wholesale Supplier

Alumina bauxite, also known as bauxite, is the main raw material for the aluminum industry, refractory materials, brown fused alumina abrasives, high alumina cement and other industries. There are currently 49 countries in the world that have known bauxite resources. China is one of the major bauxite producers in the world. In 2013, China's identified bauxite resources were about 4.02 billion tons. The newly identified resource reserves were 248.87 million tons.

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China's white aluminum oxide bauxite resources accounted for the world's aluminum bauxite. The total reserves of soil resources are 3%, but the output accounts for 10% of the world's total output. Although the total reserves of bauxite resources in China are relatively abundant, the quality of bauxite is relatively low, and the mineral composition is mainly composed of diaspore type, which is a medium-low grade ore with high aluminum, high silicon and low iron.

(cheap black fused alumina wholesale supplier)The silicon-aluminum ratio distribution of bauxite in China is mostly between 4-9, while the high-quality high-alumina bauxite resources with relatively high aluminum-silicon is relatively small. According to the existing resource reserves of white corundum bauxite in China, its static service life is only 15 years. China's bauxite resources reserve reserves are insufficient, and the level of resource security is low, which is far from meeting market demand.

The contradiction in the supply of bauxite has led to the need for China to import large amounts of foreign resources each year. In recent years, China has been the world's largest importer of bauxite. The main sources of imports are Indonesia, Australia, India and other countries. China's bauxite domestic production and import data from 2006 to 2013. brown fused alumina price can be seen that the domestic aluminum bauxite production and import volume are increasing year by year, and the external dependence of bauxite has exceeded 50%.(cheap black fused alumina wholesale supplier)

In 2013, China's aluminum bauxite imports increased greatly due to the Indonesian government's policy to restrict the export of bauxite ore and the large amount of stocks in advance. Since January 12, 2014, Indonesia has banned raw raw ore exports. The import source of bauxite was greatly affected. In 2014, the import volume of bauxite in China was more than 35.53 million tons. The supply of white aluminium oxide bauxite in some domestic alumina plants was stretched, and the supply form of bauxite in China became more severe.

(cheap black fused alumina wholesale supplier)The use of brown fused alumina powder is as follows: The black corundum has a very good self-sharpness, generates less heat during grinding, has a better finish and a good hydrophilicity. The alumina content is different. The alumina content of brown corundum is between 75 and 95, while the alumina content of black corundum is between 45 and 75. Brown corundum has moderate hardness, high toughness, good self-sharpness, low sand consumption, and can be recycled. The polished parts have good finish.

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