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Cheap 400 Grit Aluminum Oxide Powder Suppliers Spain

The chemical reaction in the boronizing and aluminizing process can be regarded as the activation of the infiltrating agent and the matrix(green silicon carbide powder). The BF2 gas generated in the reaction can also continue to release active boron atoms through the decomposition reaction 9, and the boron supply capacity is greatly increased(carborundum powder). After one cycle between reaction 7 and reaction 9, the amount of BF3 and BF2 in the penetrating agent remained unchanged.

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More importantly, the BF3 released by the decomposition reaction of BF2 can be returned to the penetrating agent and then reduced to BF2 through reactions 7 and 8(carborundum abrasives). It can be seen from reaction 8 that adding graphite to the filler can not only play a filling role, but also has a certain degree of reduction, which is beneficial to improve the activity of the penetrating agent(silicon carbide grit suppliers). In this experiment, such a cycle of continuous reaction to achieve aluminum co-infiltration.

(cheap 400 grit aluminum oxide powder suppliers spain)The activator in the permeating agent is gradually reduced and will eventually be exhausted(silicon carbide grit). However, since the amount of BF2 and BF3 will not decrease, it can continue to provide active boron atoms for boronizing through reactions 7 to 9, so that the permeating agent can be used for a long time(carborundum grit suppliers). Keep the osmotic activity, generate active infiltrating atoms, so that the activator can obtain better boronizing results.

Metastable aluminum halide gases AIF and AIF2 are formed(120 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). When they diffuse to the surface of the substrate, they can decompose and release active aluminum atoms for aluminizing. When the low-priced boron halide and aluminum halide are released on the surface of the substrate [B] and [A], they form high-priced BF and AIF respectively(aluminum oxide sandblasting), and re-react with borax and Al powder in the returning medium to form low-priced halogenation again.

The substance diffuses to the surface of the substrate to adsorb and decompose, and new [B] and [A] are obtained(100 grit aluminum oxide). The gaseous boride is continuously activated and decomposed on the surface of the workpiece to release active alkali atoms. The Al powder in penetrating agent is not only the raw material that provides the B-Al co-penetrating active [A] atoms of the green agent(silicon carbide 180 grit), but also the reducing agent that promotes boronizing.(cheap 400 grit aluminum oxide powder suppliers spain)

It can be seen that whether metastable gaseous boron halide and aluminum halide can be generated in the medium is the key to achieve boron-aluminum co-infiltration(aluminum oxide sandblasting media). The composition of the penetrating agent will react during heating. Whether these reactions can spontaneously react at the normal temperature of infiltration of 900°C to 1000°C(carborundum grit), and the difficulty of the reaction can be verified by thermodynamic methods.

And their concentration characterizes the boronizing ability and aluminizing ability of the penetrating agent(1200 grit aluminum oxide), and directly affects the co-penetrating speed and the structure of the co-penetrating layer. The green agent B-Al co-infiltration is a gaseous catalytic reaction. Under high temperature and weak oxidizing conditions7(silicon carbide abrasive grit), the boron donor will form gaseous boride BF3 and low-valence metastable BF2 under the action of reducing agent and activator.

(cheap 400 grit aluminum oxide powder suppliers spain)In summary, according to the calculated Gibbs free energy of the substance and the analysis of thermodynamic principles, it is shown that at around 930℃(120 grit aluminum oxide), reactions 3 to 13 have a large positive free energy difference, which will proceed spontaneously in the positive direction to obtain active boron(black silicon carbide powder), Aluminum atoms are feasible to achieve the purpose of boron-aluminum co-infiltration, thus verifying the feasibility of the formula.

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