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It is hoped that in the normal wear stage(arc fused alumina), that is, when the wear rate is relatively stable, the wear amount of the parts is as small as possible, so as to extend the life of the machine and improve the reliability. Debris analysis is an important part of wear failure analysis. Ferrospectrometer, which appeared and developed in the 1970s, is an instrument that can collect and analyze wear debris and particles(pink aluminium oxide). The actual contact area is small.

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Due to the influence of external factors (abrasive entry, load change, seizure, etc.), the size of the parts changes greatly(white fused alumina), serious plastic deformation and deterioration of the surface quality of the material, etc., resulting in a greatly increased friction factor and wear rate. The first four wear mechanisms are different(fused alumina), but the latter two wear mechanisms are often similar to the first four or are a combination of several of the first four mechanisms.(cheap refractory grade alumina company south korea)

These serious wear failures or possible catastrophic accidents and major consequences must be paid attention to by the operator(white aluminum oxide). Therefore, it is very necessary to strengthen the monitoring of the machine's working status and wear failure analysis. Wear state detection Wear detection and failure diagnosis can be carried out by a variety of physical and chemical detection methods, including vibration(silicon carbide abrasive powder), noise, temperature and other tests.

(cheap refractory grade alumina company south korea)In addition to the quantitative determination of wear debris, ferrography technology can also perform qualitative analysis(white corundum). Therefore, people use it to classify wear debris, determine the source of wear debris, and analyze the causes and mechanisms of wear debris(brown fused alumina grit). Ferrograph technology has now rapidly developed into an effective means for carrying out wear mechanism research, working condition monitoring and fault diagnosis.

The mechanical reason of adhesive wear The adhesive friction theory knows that plastic deformation occurs at the contact point during adhesion(silicon carbide price), the surface film is destroyed by the flow of metal, and the metal atoms are in direct contact, resulting in the bonding between the metal atoms on the mating surface, forming a cold solder joint, that is Adhesion occurred(black oxide aluminum). Wear calculation method Wear is an important factor that affects the reliability of the machine.

Especially in the sliding contact process, the friction work appears in the form of heat at the contact point(green carborundum), causing a significant local temperature rise, which may lead to local recrystallization, phase change, diffusion and even melting of the material. Due to the reliability requirements of the parts, the designer is required to calculate the wear rate, wear amount, wear limit and wear prediction of the parts(brown fused alumina for sale), and noise, vibration, heating, etc. phenomenon.(cheap refractory grade alumina company south korea)

This is because even the precision-machined surface is still uneven from a microscopic point of view(silicon carbide companies). Therefore, when the two surfaces are in contact with each other, only a few relatively high asperities actually make contact. The stress on the points is large, so plastic flow, adhesion or cold welding occurs at the contact points(glass beads supplier). In the severe wear stage, the adhesion ability of general hexagonal metals is lower than that of body-centered and face-centered cubic metals.

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