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Brown Aluminum Oxide 80 Grit Suppliers Mexico

According to the experience of Japan, when the converter is built with small bricks, every 10 bricks are sandwiched with 1.5mm thick iron sheet as expansion joint(black silicon carbide). In addition, the upper edge of the furnace mouth and the surrounding of the brick masonry of the steel outlet are generally made into a whole by the use of basic refractory ramming materials to strengthen the stability of the furnace lining(reduce the inclusions of oxides and sulfides in steel)(1200 grit aluminum oxide).

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Therefore, the baking time is only 2-3 hours, when the temperature of furnace Village reaches about 1200 ℃, it can be blown with molten iron(brown fused alumina). After tapping, mend the damaged furnace lining, and then continue to put it into the furnace charge for smelting, and repeat the production operation(220 grit aluminum oxide blast media). When there is a ramming layer between the working lining and the permanent lining, generally of water jacket type, the expansion joint may not be reserved generally. 

(brown aluminum oxide 80 grit suppliers mexico)The furnace building machine is widely used for masonry in the same field(brown aluminum oxide). It is not only mechanized and highly automated, but also easy for one person to operate, with low labor intensity and very fast furnace building speed. The new lining of oxygen converter can only be used after baking(80 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). At present, the basic bricks are generally preheated, which eliminates the collapse and peeling of furnace lining caused by too fast baking speed.

The electric furnace steelmaking method is to first load the waste iron and steel or reduced iron(brown aluminium oxide), melt and load the human materials through the three-phase alternating current fox generated between them and three electrodes, carry out smelting operation under the condition of continuous heating of electric arc(100 grit aluminum oxide media), and refine the required composition and temperature of molten steel, and then pour the molten steel into the human steel bucket.(brown aluminum oxide 80 grit suppliers mexico)

Other smelting methods are mostly developed on this basis(white alumina). Such as: non oxidation method, return smelting method, back solid oxygen blowing method, single slag smelting method, the same as slag washing, etc. The operation process of oxidation smelting includes six stages: furnace mending, charging, melting period, oxidation period, reduction period and tapping(synthetic corundum). It is a widely used smelting method, with small noise and small voltage fluctuation.

(brown aluminum oxide 80 grit suppliers mexico)The electric furnace is mainly composed of furnace shell, furnace cover, tilting mechanism, electrical equipment, electrode lifting mechanism, cooling system, etc(black corundum). The basic smelting method of the basic electric furnace is oxidation smelting, which can use various scrap to produce high quality carbon steel and alloy steel(120 grit aluminum oxide harbor freight). One side of the furnace wall is provided with a furnace door, the other side is provided with a tapping hole and a tapping groove, which are connected.

Oxidation smelting can dephosphorize, decarburize, deoxidize and desulfurize(pink corundum). The general trend of reducing the hydrogen and nitrogen in steel is to enlarge the equipment and increase the capacity of the electric furnace. Ultra high power means that the power input into the electric furnace in unit time is 2-3 times higher than that of the ordinary electric furnace(aluminum oxide grit), which shortens the smelting time and greatly improves the productivity.(brown aluminum oxide 80 grit suppliers mexico)

The use of eccentric bottom tapping can increase the input power of the furnace, reduce the loss of refractories(silicon carbide abrasive), accelerate the tapping process, reduce the tapping temperature, reduce the smelting cost, etc.; arc direct current, that is, DC arc furnace, adding an appropriate electrode at the bottom of the furnace(emery abrasive), can not only reduce the electrode consumption, but also homogenize the temperature in the furnace, reduce the consumption of refractories.

(brown aluminum oxide 80 grit suppliers mexico)It is called a smelting cycle from the beginning of tapping to the next tapping(green silicon carbide). The furnace shell is made of steel plate, and the inner lining is made of refractory materials, including furnace bottom, furnace slope, melting pool and furnace wall(aluminum oxide abrasive). The furnace cover is of movable type, the outer ring is made of steel plate, the top is made of refractory material except for the water-cooling part, and the upper part is provided with electrode hole.

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