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Cheap Brown Fused Aluminium Oxide Manufacturer

Over the years, the smelting process of brown fused alumina has been improved with the development of production, and the design level has progressed quite significantly, not to mention the change of material transportation mode. The furnace type change has the frit method and the dumping method. The body of the corundum dumping furnace is a thin shell structure that can be tilted, and it has the characteristics of heavy load, high temperature and tilting.

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When working, it not only bears the static and dynamic mechanical stress but also bears the thermal stress load day. With the development of the brown fused alumina price, the supporting facilities on the furnace have also been improved with the continuous improvement of the requirements of operation and energy saving. The traditional mechanical dumping mechanism is installed on the foundation except that the final large gear is suspended on the trunnion.(cheap brown fused aluminium oxide manufacturer)

This transmission mode will destroy the normal occlusion of the final gear pair after the trunnion is deflected. The gears are seriously worn or the gears are broken, and the crisis is safe to produce. In contrast, hydraulic transmissions have many advantages. Therefore, in the field of brown aluminum oxide smelting, hydraulic transmission is widely used. Hydraulic transmission is a transmission form in which liquid is used as a working medium for energy transmission.

(cheap brown fused aluminium oxide manufacturer)It converts the mechanical energy of the prime mover (motor) into the pressure energy of the liquid through an energy conversion device (hydraulic pump), and then passes through the closed pipe and the control element, brown aluminium oxide Etc., another energy device (hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic motor) converts the pressure energy of the liquid into mechanical energy to drive the load and achieve the linear or rotational motion required by the actuator.

The oil in the hydraulic transmission system works under the condition of being adjusted and controlled, and the hydraulic transmission and control are difficult to separate. At reset, the oil returns to the furnace and resets the furnace. Control Regulators These are the means of controlling the force, flow and direction of flow of the liquid system fluid. The black aluminum oxide hydraulic dumping system has several advantages over conventional mechanical transmissions.(cheap brown fused aluminium oxide manufacturer)

The hydraulic transmission works relatively smoothly, with fast response, small impact, high speed start, braking and reversing. Since oil is used as the working medium, it can be self-lubricated, so the life is long. In addition to particle size testing, white alumina microscopic imaging is also commonly used to observe and test particle morphology. The gas permeable method tests the particle size according to such a principle. There are ready-made instruments in foreign countries, and there is currently no domestically.

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