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Low Price Brown Aluminium Oxide 24 Mesh Thailand

For cotton cloth, various slurries are generally suitable(brown fused alumina); for synthetic fibers, it is not suitable to use hydrophilic slurries, such as starch, animal glue, carboxymethyl cellulose, etc., but phenolic resin, acrylic resin, rubber slurry Wait. Otherwise, there is too little penetrating slurry, and the slurry film is easy to fall off(synthetic corundum). For the same slurry, the greater the concentration, the greater the sizing amount;

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The dye is first prepared into a slurry with warm water, and then dissolved into a certain concentration of dye liquor with hot water(brown aluminum oxide). And the greater the concentration, the greater the proportion of coating slurry(black silicon carbide). Therefore, the adsorption rate will decrease, the concentration of the slurry should be controlled, otherwise it will cause uneven sizing and imbalance of the ratio of the covering slurry and the penetration slurry.

Generally speaking, the higher the viscosity of the slurry, the greater the adsorption rate of the slurry(brown aluminium oxide); but when it reaches a high viscosity of more than 500 centipoise, slippage occurs between the squeeze roller and the fabric, resulting in the situation where the slurry is pulled down from the fabric. Instead, so it often becomes the main cause of uneven sizing(aluminum oxide grit). During sizing, fabric tension also affects the amount of sizing.

At low viscosity, there is more penetrating slurry and less covering slurry(white aluminium oxide); at high viscosity, there is less penetrating slurry and more covering slurry. The greater the tension, the smaller the adsorption rate, and the difference in tension is often easy to occur(aluminum oxide abrasive). The drying method generally adopts steam or electric heating drum type and hot air type, and it can also use far infrared rays and other drying methods.

The surface smoothness and straightness of the squeeze roller or doctor blade directly affect the uniformity of the doctor blade(black aluminum oxide). Compared with (1) method, the last three methods are easier to ensure the quality of the squeegee, and the equipment is slightly more complicated(emery abrasive). The hardness is too small, the contact area increases, the pressure per unit area decreases, the penetration of the slurry is less, and the sizing rate increases.

The greater the pressure, the greater the proportion of permeated slurry, the less the covering slurry, and the smaller the sizing rate(pink aluminum oxide); conversely, the lower the pressure, the greater the covering slurry ratio, the higher the sizing rate. The larger the diameter of the squeeze roller, or the greater the thickness of the blade(low density white alumina), the greater the contact width, the smaller the pressure per unit area, the smaller the proportion of penetrating slurry.

The hardness of the rubber layer of the squeeze roller also affects the sizing rate(silicon carbide abrasive). When using the dipping method, the function of the dipping roller is to immerse the fabric in the slurry. The moving speed of the fabric, that is, the faster the speed of the squeegee, the weaker the pressure of the squeeze roller(brown fused alumina oxide), the smaller the proportion of penetrating pulp, and the more the amount of pulp adsorption, and the greater the sizing rate.

The drying after sizing is basically the same as the drying after dyeing(green silicon carbide), but it is not only to remove moisture, solvents and volatiles, but also to further polymerize the resin, but the polymerization here is not necessarily complete, because there will be several Secondary drying process, so pay attention to master the temperature and time of drying(brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers). The deeper the dipping into the slurry, the more the sizing rate.

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