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Low Price Carborundum Powder Suppliers Malaysia

The heat treatment is to expose the polymer to high temperature air flow, when the surface can be improved due to chain fracture, oxidation and crosslinking(silicon carbide companies). The heating gas of heat treatment can be air, oxygen enriched air and oxygen enriched air(brown aluminum oxide 250 grit). Flame treatment is to expose the polymer to the oxidation flame of the flame, brush it on the newly treated surface, so as to improve the adhesion and printability of the polymer surface.

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Gas can be used as series a gas, propane gas and butane gas(brown fused alumina). Oxygen can be air or oxygen. Improve adhesive properties such as the combination of elastic primer and epoxy adhesive. The most typical way to improve the adhesion of the surface is the age coupling agent on the surface of the bonded material(arc fused alumina). The fixture greatly simplifies the adhesive primer, which can be used to fix the adhesive film or workpiece positioning.

However, due to the high cost of manufacturing equipment, it has not been widely used(brown aluminum oxide). The factors that may affect the effect of flame treatment are the air / gas ratio, the rate of air / gas flame, the nature of gas, the distance between the inner cone of flame (blue flame) and the surface of polymer, and the contact time between the complex and flame(fused alumina). On the treated surface, sometimes a thin layer of primer is applied to improve the bonding performance.

The epoxy adhesive is very brittle and has low pricking strength(brown aluminium oxide). The protection function keeps the metal surface clean, prevents corrosion or pollution, and prolongs the storage of the treated surface. The simplest way is to prepare the adhesive without filler into a dilute solution: dry or solidify it to "B" stage through air(black oxide aluminum). During bonding, the adhesive is applied on the primer, which dissolves and solidifies with each other during curing.

The properties of the adhesive can be improved by coating the metal surface with butadiene rubber, oxygen butadiene rubber, polysulfide rubber or polyvinyl butyral(brown fused aluminum oxide). The side coupling agent can form a chemical bond between the adhesive and the bonded material, thus greatly improving the adhesion strength and the resistance to environmental effects(glass beads supplier). The protective primer shall be compatible with the glue drying agent.

The most important organosilane coupling agent in the bonding process will be introduced in the next section(white aluminium oxide). Other coupling agents include complex, butyl ester, phosphate, organic acids, organic limbs, etc. When using the chemical transformation method, the temperature of the transformation solution should be kept stable and uniform. Its usage is similar to anticorrosive primer in coating(brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers). There are five different functions of primer.

At present, the operation of chemical transformation method is basically carried out in a discontinuous or semi-automatic way(green carborundum). Plasma treatment can greatly improve the bonding strength of polyethylene, polypropylene, tetrachloroethylene and other refractory materials, but the mechanism is still controversial, there are two main views(wholesale brown fused alumina). The oxidation flame is a flame containing slightly excessive oxygen / gas ratio calculated by chemistry.

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