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White Fused Aluminum Oxide Refractory Germany

In the early stage of the development of polymer science(white corundum), according to whether the chemical composition of the monomers and polymers before or after the polymerization reaction is changed, there are cases or condensates and additions. The chemical composition of the polymer and the monomer are basically unchanged(white alumina powder), which is called the galvanic substance, and small molecule by-products are generated during the reaction.

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Therefore, the chemical composition of the polymer is different from the monomer is called the constrictor(brown fused aluminum oxide). This classification method has been used for a long time, and it is still often used today. Some people have revised this to give new meaning to the addition polymer and vesicle; ethylene synthesized from ethylene and propylene- Propylene copolymer, etc(aluminium oxide grit suppliers). Natural polymers have their special names, such as cellulose, starch, lignin, protein and so on. 

However, with the development of polymer science(black aluminum oxide), some new family reaction and complexes (such as polyurethane, polyamide-6, etc.) have emerged, and this classification method cannot be used universally. Paint used to be called oil pit. In addition to the above classification methods, there are still chain polymers and step-by-step compounds according to different aspects of polymer polymerization mechanism(artificial corundum). Although this method is simple, it is confusing.

Such as case explosion, polybutadiene, Lianjiaxing, polypropylene oxide, polycaprolactam, polyeaminoamino acid and so on(white fused alumina). For example, even if the internal energy amine and chae-amino amino acid are synthesized from different monomers, they are the same compound(aluminium oxide sandblasting). The above three examples can be referred to as cystamide-66 (nylon-66), polyamide-1010 (nylon-1010) and home amide-6 (nylon-6), respectively(abbreviated as ethylene-propylene copolymer).

For case compounds synthesized from two monomers(pink aluminum oxide), some only need to add the suffix "resin" to the names of the two monomers, and some can add a suffix copolymer, such as phenol-formaldehyde resin (abbreviated as tyraldehyde resin), urea Formaldehyde resin (abbreviated to formaldehyde resin), melamine-formaldehyde resin, alkyd resin, etc(80 grit aluminum oxide); ethinyl-vinyl acetate synthesizer synthesized from ethylene and vinyl acetate.

In addition, it can be named according to the structural characteristics of the polymer(white aluminum oxide). For example, the low-brewed amine is characterized by a amine bond. Gone with the wind, polyamide heavy amine and so on. These names respectively represent a class of case compounds, such as hexamethylene diamine, polyfedecyl diamine, polycaprolactam, etc(220 grit aluminum oxide). in the case of home amide. The polymerization temperature is lower, and the heat transfer and temperature control are easy.

For a compound synthesized from a monomer, the customary name is to add a polyword before the corresponding monomer name(white fused alumina suppliers). Its specific variety can be represented by two numbers, the first number represents the number of carbon atoms of the diamine, and the second number represents the number of carbon atoms of the dibasic acid(aluminium oxide blasting). If there is only one number, it means that the monomer is an amino acid or a lactone amine, and the number represents the number of carbon atoms. 

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