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Aluminium Oxide Blasting Grit Manufacturers Russia

Alumina is the main raw material for smelting brown fused alumina because alumina contains a large amount of alumina. Bauxite is also a very important economic mineral, and it is the main source of aluminum smelting industry. The refractory industry and the cement industry also use alumina in large quantities, followed by the alumina grit abrasive manufacturing industry and the chemical industry. The grade of bauxite is divided according to the content of alumina. 

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There are three appearance characteristics of domestic bauxite. The first is white to light gray, brown aluminum oxide with a soft texture and high quality. The second is light gray to dark gray, which is relatively hard. The fractures are flakes, beans, or lumps. Obvious sedimentary rock characteristics; the third is light yellow to ochre, the hardness and fracture shape are similar to the second, but the corundum abrasive structure is relatively thin, and most of the grade is not as high as the first two.(aluminium oxide blasting grit manufacturers russia)

The quality of bauxite is difficult to judge by appearance brown aluminium oxide characteristics, because the metallogenic environment varies greatly from place to place, the following three points of identification experience are for reference only: those with a bean-shaped structure at the fracture, good quality, and the alumina content is expected to be above 75%; The aluminum oxide abrasive media color is light, the color is good; the structure is fine and dense. China has extremely rich bauxite deposits.

(aluminium oxide blasting grit manufacturers russia)Large-scale new mines are constantly being discovered. In our province alone, 800 million tons of new aluminum oxide blasting abrasive mineral resources have been submitted in three years. The petrographic composition of alumina is mainly gibbsite, which means that alumina is in alumina. The ore is in the form of gibbsite, in addition, a part of it is combined with silica to form kaolinite. According to the special requirements of the alumina abrasive sand-grinding amount, the shape of the abrasive particles is the best.

Because this kind of particles has sufficient strength and good long-lasting cutting performance, aluminum oxide abrasive blasting grit while other shapes (such as flake-type or sword-shaped) particles have poor embedding and embedding properties, and are prone to crushing and breaking. Sand grinding is not good. The ideal particle shape is α-Al2O3 single crystal crystal form, that is, tetrahedral shape equal volume crystal form, In practice, the ideal 100 grit aluminum oxide white particle shape is rare.(aluminium oxide blasting grit manufacturers russia)

The particles are sharp, not easy to peel off, synthetic corundum price and have good grinding effect. Starting from the grinding effect, it is expected that the particles of the abrasive are full, solid, and have an approximately equal volume shape with sharp corners. In a certain batch of grinding powder, if it can have 50% of the ideal equal-shaped particles, even if it is very good, it is often not achieved in practice, and multiple sorting is required. The other name of bauxite is bauxite, 60 grit aluminum oxide which means it is rich in aluminum. 

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