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Aluminum Oxide 220 Grit Abrasive Suppliers Ecuador

The dense phase conveying pipe is generally composed of inner pipe and outer pipe(white corundum 180 mesh). The inner pipe is the key to dense phase conveying. The opening distance of the inner pipe and the air velocity in the conveying process have a great influence on the conveying process(brown fused alumina 95%). In modern aluminum electrolysis production, it is mainly sent to the electrolytic cell material box for power supply and production by pneumatic conveying.

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Compared with ordinary pneumatic conveying, dense phase conveying technology has the following advantages(white corundum 200 mesh): due to the use of static pressure conveying, the amount of compressed air is less than that of ordinary pneumatic conveying, and the power consumption of conveying the same amount of alumina is less than 2 / 3(brown aluminium oxide for refractory); the solid gas ratio is high, the exhaust gas is less, the filter area is reduced, and the filter is reduced correspondingly.(aluminum oxide 220 grit abrasive suppliers ecuador)

The conveying height can reach 30 ~ 40m, and the conveying distance can reach more than 1000m, which can realize long-distance conveying(brown fused aluminium oxide abrasive); the conveying pipe diameter is small, and the conveying pipe diameter is only 50 ~ 150mm, which can significantly reduce the investment cost of the pipeline; the material loss in the conveying is small, and there is no scaling at the pipe bend(aluminum oxide blasting), and the conveying pipeline does not need special protection at the bend. 

(aluminum oxide 220 grit abrasive suppliers ecuador)In the electrolytic aluminum enterprise, the super dense phase transportation is usually used in the electrolytic cell feeding(brown fused alumina mesh size F16). The configuration of alumina dense phase conveying device is mainly composed of dense phase conveying material delivery tank, dense phase conveying pipe, the required wind pressure is low, control system and monitoring system(aluminum oxide manufacturers). The following dense phase conveying technology is casing type pneumatic pressure conveying.

The gas source equipment is simple, and the control gas source(white aluminum oxide 12 mesh), fluidization gas source and transportation gas source are all provided by 0.7 ~ 0.8MPa ordinary compressor, which saves investment and operation cost, and is convenient for equipment use and maintenance; the unloading is flexible, and the equipment layout is convenient(white fused alumina for precision casting). If the length of the plug becomes shorter, it will turn into a fluidized material flow to a certain extent.(aluminum oxide 220 grit abrasive suppliers ecuador)

Super dense phase transportation is relative to dilute phase transportation and dense phase transportation(white aluminum oxide 50 mesh), but it is only suitable for long-distance horizontal transportation of powdery materials because of low-pressure air supply by fan and pneumatic chute transportation; the conveying speed is low, the wear of the pipeline is small, and the ordinary steel pipe can be used(brown aluminium oxide grains); The equipment is simple and the maintenance work is small.

(aluminum oxide 220 grit abrasive suppliers ecuador)The ultra dense phase transportation is based on the potential fluidization characteristics of the material(brown aluminum oxide 14 grit), and the fluidization of the powder material is completed through a porous gas layer. The working principle of dense phase transportation is to use the principle of minimum resistance of fluid(brown aluminium oxide fine powder). In order to use lower air pressure to send the dense phase plug away, it is necessary to shorten the length of the plug, and the operation noise is small.

The reason why it can be widely used lies in the characteristics of this technology(brown aluminum oxide 12 grit): the material moves forward in a fluidized state in the pneumatic chute, the solid gas ratio is large (greater than 100), the movement speed is small, the material is not easy to break, the system is fully closed, the air volume is small, and the degree of automation is high(aluminium oxide manufacturers). The main equipment of super dense phase conveying system is centrifugal fan and pneumatic chute.

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