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High Quality White Grain Aluminum Oxide A 220 Italy

Clinker with sufficient sintering and other refractory raw materials with stable volume can be selected for the powder of refractory slurry(80 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). The particle size of powder material depends on the use requirements, and its limit particle size is generally less than 1 mm, some less than 0.5 mm or finer. The binder used in ordinary refractory mud is binder clay(180 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). But at the same time, chemical bond has been more and more widely used.

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Reasonable particle composition has a great influence on the construction performance of slurry, and the same is true for binders and admixtures(120 grit aluminum oxide harbor freight). The use of composite micro powder with different particle size distribution can significantly increase the bulk density and reduce the water consumption(100 grit aluminum oxide media), which is beneficial to the mechanical properties such as high temperature bending and strength after thermal shock.(high quality white grain aluminum oxide a 220 italy)

Adding various admixtures into the refractory mud can improve the construction performance of the refractory slurry(arc fused alumina), such as adding water retaining agent to prolong the water loss time and ensure the construction quality; adding plasticizer can increase the plasticity of the slurry when the amount of manpower is small; resulting in low strength after baking and poor integrity of ladle bottom material(70 grit aluminum oxide blast media); add dispersant to improve the fluidity of the slurry, etc.

(high quality white grain aluminum oxide a 220 italy)After heat treatment at different temperatures, the room temperature and high temperature properties of the castable samples are improved to varying degrees(green carborundum). The normal temperature compressive strength of corundum brick is 70-100mpa, and the normal temperature compressive strength of high-performance chrome corundum brick is generally greater than 150MPa(180 grit aluminum oxide), which is obviously higher than that of corundum brick.

During the firing process of corundum brick and chrome corundum brick(wilson abrasive), the solid solution of al2o3-cr2o3 is formed between the particles, and between the fine powder and the fine powder. The solid solution connects the particles and the fine powder like a bridge, which greatly improves the strength of the materials(aluminium oxide blasting grit). However, chemical zirconium is still irreplaceable in pigments, and the role of alumina micro powder can not be ignored.

Its particle morphology(brown fused alumina price), size, particle size distribution and specific surface area have a great impact on the properties of castable, especially the particle size distribution plays an important role in filling the pores between aggregates and improving the bulk density; In addition, the air hammer pressure is insufficient during the tamping(fine grit aluminum oxide), too much material is added at one time during construction, and the tamping times are not enough.(high quality white grain aluminum oxide a 220 italy)

When the size exceeds the allowable range, the product is easy to crack in the kiln and early production(black aluminum oxide). If the joint of ladle bottom brick is too large, the ramming material is difficult to tamp and compact, and the bulk density is reduced, secondly, during ladle masonry, some fireclay or magnesia for ladle bottom leveling will be left in the reserved joint filling area around the base brick(aluminium oxide abrasive grit), which leads to the compactness of ramming materials.

The flexural strength at room temperature(pink aluminum oxide), the modulus of elasticity at room temperature and the elastic modulus at 1400 ℃ can be increased by 53.9%, 47.9% and 40.4%, respectively. During the ramming construction, if these materials are not cleaned thoroughly, the ramming materials are not closely combined with the permanent layer of the bottom or with the bricks at the bottom, between the particles and the fine powder(aluminum oxide blasting abrasive), or even loose and peel off.

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