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Aluminum Oxide Polishing Powder Factory France

The preparation of corundum refractory mud is mainly using 0.5-0.63mm and finer sintered corundum clinker or fused corundum(fused alumina), using 5-7μm fused corundum or industrial alumina less than 5μm as a binder, in order to ensure the air and fire The shrinkage size of refractory mud in the process, the industrial alumina in the ingredients should not exceed 15%-20%(synthetic corundum price), and the content of fused corundum ultrafine powder should reach 40%-50%.

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Corundum bricks are severely eroded by molten slag(aluminium oxide sandblasting), the slag will all penetrate into the brick, and penetrate into the surface along the internal pores of the brick, the brick becomes brown, and there is almost no slag remaining; In the chemical reaction, the boundary between the inner hole edge and the residue is clear, and the slag penetrates into the brick very little(fused aluminium oxide). The substitution rate in corundum castables is 30%-70%, which reduces the cost.(aluminum oxide polishing powder factory france)

Chromium corundum bricks are better than corundum bricks in chemical corrosion resistance and permeability in gasification furnace slag(80 grit aluminum oxide), and their structural resistance to spalling is also superior to corundum bricks. As the process of fused zirconium progresses, fused zirconium will tend to replace or partially replace the application of chemical zirconium(aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit), Used as a variety of reaction vessels and pipelines, chemical pump parts and sealing grinding rings. 

(aluminum oxide polishing powder factory france)The cooling rate can be adjusted by the thickness of the diatomaceous earth or shrinking vermiculite layer outside the mold(brown fused alumina). Because of its high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high strength and other properties, it can be used to manufacture refractory materials, ceramics, spark plugs, heat-resistant and anti-oxidation coatings(220 grit aluminum oxide); due to the characteristics of high hardness, good wear resistance and high strength.

Because fused zirconium is produced by dry method and its particle size is machined(brown aluminum oxide), the chemical zirconium produced by wet method cannot control the grain size manually. Its color development performance in antique brick glaze is obviously better than that of fused zirconium products(100 grit aluminum oxide blast media), its high temperature stability is very good, and its yellowness value is at least 10% higher than that of fused zirconium products.

The introduction of orthophosphoric acid refractory mud is 10%(brown aluminium oxide). At present, China uses alumina-based fused corundum to replace industrial aluminum-oxygenated corundum to manufacture corundum refractory materials, especially amorphous refractory materials, such as iron trench materials for large and medium-sized blast furnace tapholes and front kilns for cement kilns(60 grit aluminum oxide), and it is difficult to produce nano-sized powder.(aluminum oxide polishing powder factory france)

For example, if the casting is to be annealed after demoulding, it is practical to control the hardening (crystallization) and cooling rate of the casting(green carborundum). Natural annealing is to rely on a good thermal insulation layer on the outside of the casting to make the casting cool slowly and smoothly. Only a metamorphic layer about 5-10 mm thick is formed around the brick hole(150 grit aluminum oxide), and a large amount of molten slag remains in the hole of the crucible.

(aluminum oxide polishing powder factory france)Due to the temperature gradient and composition segregation during melt casting zirconium corundum brick from melt casting to cooling to form the casting structure(arc fused alumina), it is difficult to release the thermal stress and structural stress of the casting evenly and completely during the annealing process, in chemical systems(220 grit aluminum oxide blast media), so the size specifications of different models are subject to Certain restrictions(density 1.72g/cm3).

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