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Brown Fused Alumina BFA Grade A Manufaturer USA

Using the precursor obtained by thermal decomposition of ammonium aluminum carbonate as raw material(brown aluminium oxide), adding 0.01-0.5% Cr2O3 as sintering assistant, the ceramics with grain size of 0.2-1.0um, density of more than 95% and hardness higher than 21gpa were obtained by hot isostatic pressing at 1100-1300 ℃ and pressure of 200-400kg / cm Corundum abrasive(arc fused alumina). Moreover, pressure sintering requires high equipment and high manufacturing cost.

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Noritake company of Japan reported a preparation technology of corundum abrasives suitable for ceramic finishing and alloy processing(white aluminium oxide). The hot isostatic pressing (hip) sintering is to heat the green body and apply the pressure to it at the same time. At present, corundum abrasive has been successfully prepared by this method(aluminum oxide blasting grit). The appearance of liquid phase depends on the wetting of grain boundary and the amount of liquid phase.

However, the hot isostatic pressing sintering needs to pack or pre sinter the blank, and the pressure conditions are relatively harsh, so the actual operation is difficult(black aluminum oxide). Different from ordinary sintering, the heat is transferred to the inside and outside of the billet at the same time, almost 100% of the energy is converted into heat, the temperature field is uniform(green carborundum), the thermal stress is small, and it has the advantages of high efficiency and energy saving.

At the end of 1980s, ceramic materials such as A12O3, ZrO2, Al203 tic and ceramic superconductors have been successfully sintered by this technology(brown fused alumina). The principle of microwave sintering is that through the interaction of microwave electromagnetic field and materials, it causes the violent movement of particles, and the collision(fused alumina), which transforms the microwave energy into heat energy, thus producing high temperature and achieving the purpose of sintering.

In addition, during microwave sintering, the absorbed microwave energy is converted into kinetic energy and potential energy of internal molecules(pink aluminum oxide), which increases the kinetic energy of particles, reduces the activation energy of sintering and improves the diffusion coefficient. The materials with uniform microstructure(silicon carbide companies), fine grains and completely dense can be prepared at lower temperature, and the products with complex shapes can be obtained.

Therefore, the grains have been sintered and densified before they grow up, which is very effective to inhibit the growth of grains(brown aluminum oxide). Compared with the traditional sintering method, microwave sintering has the advantages of internal heating, rapid sintering, refinement of material structure, improvement of material performance(black oxide aluminum), friction and internal friction between molecules, high efficiency and energy saving. It is a promising sintering method for nano ceramic materials.

A patent technology of ceramic corundum abrasives suitable for surface polishing of wood products has been developed by gaborundum universal company of India(silicon carbide price). By using microwave sintering process, the sintering temperature is lower than 1500 ℃, and only 10-15 minutes can obtain high toughness ceramic corundum abrasives with density greater than 98%(glass beads supplier), microhardness greater than 2200kg / mm2 and grain size less than 6um, thus promoting the densification process of materials.

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