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Best Alumina Abrasive Suppliers In South Korea

The white fused alumina grinding wheel with diamond abrasive is used for grinding. When working, the grinding wheel is rotated on the rotating shaft of the grinding (polishing) machine, and the surface of the workpiece is grinded under rapid rotation, so that the rough traces on the surface of the black fused alumina workpiece can be removed. In the actual process operation, there will be a phenomenon that the emery will fall off soon after the grinding wheel is used.

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Next, we will analyze the main reasons for the self falling of white aluminum oxide during polishing and give solutions, When rolling the carborundum on the leather glue, the force is not enough. The carborundum is only stuck on the leather glue surface, and the bonding surface is small. There is no leather glue around the silicon carbide abrasive. During the polishing process, the carborundum will fall off automatically when it contacts the workpiece surface.(best alumina abrasive suppliers in south korea)

Solution: when rolling white corundum, an iron bar smaller than the center hole diameter of the grinding wheel can be used to penetrate into the center hole of the grinding wheel and roll with force. After the carborundum rolling, the leather adhesive has not yet solidified, at this time, the leather adhesive is relatively soft, and the green silicon carbide binding fastness is poor. Solution: after rolling the emery, bake it at the left and right temperature, or dry it in the ventilated and dry place at the corresponding temperature.

(best alumina abrasive suppliers in south korea)The brown aluminum oxide blast media grinding wheel has not been preheated before applying the leather glue. After coating the epithelia glue and bonding the carborundum, due to the low grinding wheel temperature, the leather glue will soon cool, which affects the bonding strength of the black silicon carbide, especially in winter. Solution: preheat the grinding wheel in the oven before applying the leather glue, and then apply the leather glue and roll the emery.

When the baking temperature of brown fused alumina for grinding is too high, it will cause the skin glue to age, and the skin will be brittle after aging. There are two ways to smelt silicon carbide in China, one is new material method, the other is baking material method. After calcination, most of the volatile components of coke are eliminated, and some of the aluminium oxide grit 24 mesh intermediate products are used, which is conducive to improving the furnace production.(best alumina abrasive suppliers in south korea)

Solution: control the baking temperature not more than 50 ℃. The binder is not mixed according to the white aluminum oxide 120 grit grain size of emery, which is too thin. The appropriate ratio of the two should be: 40 × carborundum, the ratio of leather glue to water is 5:5; 60 × carborundum, the ratio of leather glue to water is 6:4; 120 × black silicon carbide factory, the ratio of leather glue to water is 7:3; 180 × carborundum, the ratio of leather glue to water is 7.5:2.5.

(best alumina abrasive suppliers in south korea)It can be seen from the above data that the smaller the brown fused alumina grit grain size of emery is, the thicker the skin glue should be, otherwise, the thinner it should be, so as to facilitate the firm adhesion of emery in the skin glue. But in the actual operation, this proportion is difficult to master, because the leather glue is not a one-time preparation and use, and it is not just a kind of pink alumina. Although heating in the water bath will also have water evaporation, so it is mainly based on experience.

In the baking method, the new black silicon carbide suppliers material is first installed at the bottom and both sides of the resistance furnace for baking, and the volatile components in the coke are removed and sintered into larger particles. Then put the obtained baking materials into the next reaction zone for smelting. Due to the agglomeration of silica sand and coke particles into porous particles during roasting, the black aluminium oxide charge has better air permeability.(best alumina abrasive suppliers in south korea)

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