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Best Corundum Abrasive Suppliers In Brazil

According to the production method, white corundum can be divided into two types: fixed furnace white corundum and dump furnace white corundum. These two products have certain differences in product quality and price because of different production methods. Nowadays, aluminum oxide grit customers have high requirements for their own product quality.

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At present, we commonly use brown corundum abrasives. This makes customers more inclined to choose brown corundum. Why is this? The use of fixed furnaces for smelting brown corundum has a long history. It can be said that before the appearance of brown corundum in dumping furnaces, most of the production of various abrasive tools, grinding and polishing of workpieces were mostly black oxide aluminum produced in fixed furnaces.(best corundum abrasive suppliers in brazil)

Our methods of grading are also different. Today, customer feedback shows that the use rate of white aluminum oxide for fixed furnaces in the field of refractory materials and in the production of abrasive tools is decreasing. It is found through investigation that quality is one aspect. On the other hand, the reason is that the use of new technology in dumping furnace white fused aluminium oxide has gradually narrowed the price gap with fixed furnace brown corundum.

(best corundum abrasive suppliers in brazil)So customers are more willing to use better quality products. There are three ways to use silicon carbide abrasive for reference. Wet grinding is also called sanding grinding. Liquid abrasive is continuously filled or coated on the grinding surface. The pink fused alumina or white corundum abrasive continuously slides and rolls between the workpiece and the grinding tool to form a cutting motion. Wet grinding is generally used for rough grinding.

The classification methods are mainly dry separation method and moisture method. The white fused alumina particle size of the micronized abrasive is coarser than W7. Dry grinding is also known as sand-grinding grinding. The brown corundum or white corundum abrasive is evenly embedded in the fused aluminium oxide surface layer of the grinding tool. When grinding, only a small amount of auxiliary materials such as stearic acid mixed grease should be coated on the surface of the grinding tool.

(best corundum abrasive suppliers in brazil)The particle size of the micronized green silicon carbide is finer than W7. Semi-dry grinding is similar to wet grinding, and the abrasive used is a paste grinding paste. Grinding can be performed manually or on a grinder. Currently the overflow method is classified as the mainstream of the industry. There are three grades of aluminium oxide grit suppliers abrasives. Different grades of brown corundum products can be selected according to different needs of users.

The aluminum oxide abrasive dry separation method has scoring method and airflow method, and the moisture method has overflow method and sedimentation method. Generally speaking, the sieving method of 4-220 mesh for white aluminum oxide blast media is mainly used; 230-1500 mesh has high fine content, low sieving efficiency and difficulty in sizing, so it can only use airflow method, overflow method or sedimentation method. Dry grinding is often used for fine grinding.(best corundum abrasive suppliers in brazil)

The prices of first, second, and black silicon carbide third grade products are different. Because of the large investment, low efficiency, and high classification cost of the airflow method, there are currently few adopters in the brown corundum industry; the overflow method can be continuously produced and has high efficiency, but the water consumption is large; the sedimentation method can only produce intermittently and 46 grit aluminum oxide has low efficiency, but Less water consumption.

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