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Black Aluminum Oxide 70 Grit Suppliers Panama

It is necessary to strengthen the operation and management not only for the normal tank, but also for the seriously damaged tank(white aluminum oxide 50 mesh), so as to accurately grasp the damage degree, timely stop pushing and overhaul, so as to avoid furnace leakage accident(aluminum oxide sandblasting). At the same time, the manpower of the team shall be accumulated to confirm the leakage position and lift out two groups of positive section of leakage part.

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A large number of electrolytes are replaced by alumina to form a site. Reduce aluminum leakage(brown aluminum oxide 4 grit). In order to do a good job of prevention, proper amount of leakage stoppage materials should be prepared in case of urgent need, mainly including 3-5 plugging baffles, 2-3 tons of electrolyte block or surface shell block, and 10 bags of Yanhua calcium or alumina Go ahead(brown fused alumina mesh size F16). For electrolyzers with bottom planting.(black aluminum oxide 70 grit suppliers panama)

After a few bags in seconds, these items are placed at a fixed point. It shall be managed by special personnel and shall not be used except for emergency use(brown fused alumina mesh size F14). When lowering the power source, pay attention to that the anode is limited to the protection bottom and the crust, and it is not allowed to force down, so as to avoid the damage of the upper structure(white aluminium oxide grit). That is to say, the electricity price is high during the peak period.

(black aluminum oxide 70 grit suppliers panama)In case of leakage of protection, do not panic(white alumina polishing). One person shall uniformly command and deploy personnel, conduct supplementary education in an organized way, and timely contact relevant leaders and power supply to prepare for power failure. Electrolysis is continuous production, power supply is a negative charge(brown aluminum oxide 12 grit). Can not be arbitrary power failure or load, or it will cause the entire series of manufacturers to read.

Pay attention to personal safety when teaching and working in the gun brigade(white aluminum oxide 12 mesh). When adding materials, it is necessary to deliberately enter the leg for electrolyte burn. A special person must be assigned to adjust the voltage. The fine voltage should not exceed 4.5V(brown aluminium oxide 24 mesh). After the accident, protect the cathode bus from being broken. After the idea of pig's tank, the series power transmission shall be conducted again.(black aluminum oxide 70 grit suppliers panama)

In general, in order to avoid repair, reduce production and reduce power load(white corundum 180 mesh), the method of pressure load is adopted to timely and timely production. If the leakage of protection happens once and for all, the power supply station shall be informed of power failure first (try not to adopt the method of series power failure(white aluminium oxide blasting media), and use the method of stopping refining and closing to cut off the power supply for a single unit).

(black aluminum oxide 70 grit suppliers panama)In general, the seasons of fishing load are mainly concentrated in summer and winter, and the main reason is the serious power shortage(brown aluminum oxide 14 grit). We should try our best to restore production. For the bottom protection in the early stage of dry combined operation, it is mostly due to the quality of dry construction and protection(white aluminum oxide 150 mesh). Do a good job in post repair management. The pressure load can be obeyed for a long time.

When the series power failure lasts for more than 4 hours, some electrolytic phases will be exposed to electrolyte condensation(brown fused aluminium oxide abrasive), so it is difficult to resume production after the power supply is suitable. Negative charge is passive to the industry of electrolytic retention of gold(brown aluminum oxide sandblasting). The impact of series power failure and pressure load on production is quite different. The power failure of Jianshi series can not exceed 4 hours.(black aluminum oxide 70 grit suppliers panama)

In the past two years(white corundum 200 mesh), the pressure load form of "stagger peak power consumption" has been worked out, and the method of "staggering peak power consumption" has been implemented for high energy consumption enterprises. When cleaning the leakage, high-pressure air should be used to cool down until there is no leakage and the blowing time is prolonged(refractory grade black silicon carbide). For electrolyzers with side leakage protection.

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