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Brown Fused Aluminium Oxide Manufacturers Philippines

The basic principle of brown aluminium oxide exercise is that the affinity of carbon and oxygen is greater than that of iron, silicon, titanium and other impurities at high temperature. Carbon is used to recover these impurities, and iron and recovered impurities are used to generate ferrosilicon alloy and corundum.

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It is an important intention of corundum to separate the ferrosilicon alloy formed by impurities from the melt. In order to achieve the ideal separation, it is necessary to strictly control the white aluminium oxide chemical composition of ferrosilicon alloy, so that it has the required density and magnetic sensing function:(brown fused aluminium oxide manufacturers philippines)

The lower the silicon content of ferrosilicon alloy, the smoother the reverberation in the black aluminum oxide furnace, the better the induction magnetism of ferrosilicon alloy, but too much iron filings will increase the material consumption and power consumption, and affect the economic benefits. Therefore, the iron silicon ratio is selected between 5.0 and 6.0, and the corresponding silicon carbide companies content of ferrosilicon alloy is 16.67% ~ 15.71%.

(brown fused aluminium oxide manufacturers philippines)When the ratio of Fe to Si is 5.0 ~ 6.0, the density of ferrosilicon alloy is 6.7 ~ 7.0g/cm3. The density of each pink alumina component in ferrosilicon alloy is: iron 7.86g/cm3, silicon 2.35g/cm3, titanium 4.5g/cm3, aluminum 2.7g/cm3. Aluminum, silicon and titanium all decrease the magnetic induction function of ferroalloys. The brown fused alumina manufacturer decrease of magnetic induction of ferrosilicon alloy is in direct proportion to the amount of solid fusion.

When the silicon content is more than 20%, the cosolvent and the magnetic induction of the pink aluminum oxide non magnetic compound FeSi and the ferrosilicon solid solution are very weak. Therefore, 20% is the critical content of silicon, and aluminum will make the ferromagnetism of ferroalloys decrease sharply. As the general contract of arc fused alumina refractory materials has become the main way for steel mills to purchase refractory materials.(brown fused aluminium oxide manufacturers philippines)

The solubility of ferrosilicon alloy in acid is affected by the same silicon content, brown fused alumina which makes the solubility of ferrosilicon alloy in acid drop sharply. After forming, the ball is put into the dryer, and the moisture content of about 15% (W) is removed by the counter current hot air drying in the shaft kiln. After the white fused alumina manufacturer green ball is dried, it enters the shaft kiln. When Al > 4%, the ferroalloy is close to non-magnetic.

(brown fused aluminium oxide manufacturers philippines)Therefore, for ferroalloys with high silicon carbide price, it is not only difficult to magnetic separation of abrasives, but also difficult to remove the magnetic materials by pickling. Therefore, during screening, the particles can be screened in the screening machine, but the micro impurities such as micro powder and dust can not be screened, and then fused alumina flow out to the screened section sand. The sintering temperature is 1900 ` 1950 ° C. 

The presence of these brown aluminum oxide micro powder and dust not only affects the color and smoothness of the screened section sand, but also reduces the cohesiveness of the section sand when it is used. In order to remove the micro powder and dust carried on the black corundum particles in the screening process, the black fused alumina screening cleaning device can be designed and provided. When Si > 20%, the ferromagnetism is very weak. 

(brown fused aluminium oxide manufacturers philippines)However, the temperature in the shaft kiln should be strictly controlled to avoid cracks and delamination, even caking and furnace plugging inside the green carborundum, which will eventually cause interruption of the ball flow operation and decrease of the drying quality. By controlling the temperature and velocity of the hot air in the shaft kiln, the white fused alumina suppliers fully developed and sintered plate corundum structure was obtained.

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