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Therefore, we should pay close attention to the danger of deformation for those parts with thin section(white aluminum oxide powder). Solid solution hydrogen can cause lattice distortion, increase the density of lattice space, promote the occurrence and movement of metal dislocations, promote the local plastic deformation at the crack tip(aluminum oxide polish), and promote the spiral deformation at room temperature. The influence of material is the influence of phase in material structure.

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Some research results show that little hydrogen is absorbed in the process of chemical corrosion by using oxidizing corrosive agent, and it often has no obvious effect on material properties(brown corundum abrasive). However, hydrofluoric acid is the only acid that can dissolve titanium in chemical processing, and HNO is commonly used as oxidant(alumina blasting). For example, when hydrochloric acid is used for corrosion, the dehydrogenation treatment after corrosion must be considered.(cheap 30 grit aluminum oxide producers mexico)

Most of the corrosive agents for steel are prepared with oxidizing materials, so the probability of hydrogen absorption in the corrosion process is not large(white aluminum oxide lapping compound). If there are no special requirements for the mechanical properties of the parts, the dehydrogenation treatment can not be carried out(brown aluminum oxide 120 grit blast media). After long-term corrosion of die steel, no dehydrogenation treatment was used, and no hydrogen embrittlement occurred.

(cheap 30 grit aluminum oxide producers mexico)For acid pickling or corrosion of titanium alloy, if oxygen absorption is to be reduced to a minimum, oxidants should be added to the acid that can dissolve titanium alloy(aluminium oxide polishing compound). Research work in this field in the United States and the Netherlands shows that (bijlmer, 1970) there is an exponential relationship between the percentage of HNO content and hydrogen absorption in hydrochloric acid solution(silicon carbide grinding), but this is the result of the theoretical state.

The reason of hydrogen absorption can be found from the chemical reaction formula of acid pickling(brown fused alumina powder). The amount of hydrogen sucked out here depends on the rate of reaction of the primary atomic hydrogen and HNO. This transformation, such as the introduction of appropriate alloy element load into the titanium alloy(white aluminum oxide dental), can also maintain the β phase structure of titanium at room temperature, which is very beneficial to the properties of the material.(cheap 30 grit aluminum oxide producers mexico)

However, if a reducing corrosive agent is used, if there is no HNO in the corrosion solution or the HNO content is very low(aluminum oxide grit mesh size f16), it can be seen that a lot of hydrogen is generated, and 3mol of hydrogen is produced for every 2ml of titanium corroded. If a solution containing 2% hydrochloric acid and 20% HNO is used, there is no oxygen precipitation. In the actual reaction, there is chlorine precipitation(white fused alumina micro powder), but the hydrogen precipitation is greatly reduced.

(cheap 30 grit aluminum oxide producers mexico)But in any case, the formation of oxygen is obviously reduced, and its hydrogen absorption will be greatly reduced(white corundum sand). When chemical corrosion is carried out by oxidizing corrosion, the beneficial effect will also be obtained. Compared with the reductive corrosion solution (only pure hydrofluoric acid solution), the hydrogen absorption of the former is always lower than that of the latter(aluminium oxide abrasive powder). In other cases, it is only slightly affected.

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