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High Quality Alumina Powder Suppliers South Africa

Lengjingkegang image is understood to mean that the electrolysis is cold(white corundum sand), mainly because the heat income is less than the heat expenditure, which causes the electrolysis cell to move towards the cold stroke. Those who continue to develop to the mid-term are called Lengjing(abrasive garnet sand). Various production accidents will occur in the production of electrolytic machinery.

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Thirdly, the electrolysis girth should not be too high to avoid the occurrence of hot trough phenomenon and slow down the burning of the repair material at the broken steel position(white aluminum oxide dental). A more reasonable low-temperature sintering technology is beneficial to the life of the tank. Strengthen the insulation measures of the electrolyzer(abrasive grade aluminum oxide). The influence of the initial start-up on the life of the tank has been described.

(high quality alumina powder suppliers south africa)At this time, the chaotic current of the clipped pole changes, the fluctuation of the voltage and the rolling error occur from time to time(garnet sand). The tumor voltage setting is too low, resulting in small heat income and heat expenditure. In the mid-term development of cold sugar, its technical conditions continued to deteriorate, electric grass spraying was difficult to maintain(calcined alumina), and the aluminum level was too high.

In short, maintaining a reasonable wall firing temperature, smoothly rising surface(white aluminium oxide grains), uniform heating, and reducing the thermal shock to the internal merger is Guarantee of long-term use of internal materials. Insufficient anode cover material, electrolysis of planting soil and increased heat release(brown fused aluminum oxide sandblasting abrasive); due to pressure load or other reasons, the electrical quality level is too low, causing furnace deposits in the tank.

(high quality alumina powder suppliers south africa)The phenomenon of blocking the fire eye occurs, and the anode effect dance purple occurs(abrasive blast media): the furnace grain begins to change, the protection limit increases, the bottom protection precipitation increases, the clock legs become larger, and the noise value of the electric union curve increases(chrome alumina). In addition, in the later stages of Leng Bai's development, it is difficult to adjust the technical conditions to the normal range.

The aluminum output is lower than the real loop current efficiency, and the rough level continues to rise, resulting in an increase in heat expenditure(80 grit aluminum oxide for cerakote). The furnace bottom deposits are transformed into crusts, and the corners are extended and grown to the anode projection, forming a deformed furnace cavity(aluminum oxide 40/60 grit). The cause of the disease is not caused overnight, so dealing with the disease is also a slow adjustment process.

(high quality alumina powder suppliers south africa)Start with the improvement of technical conditions(sponge media abrasive). Replenish the amount of liquid electrolyte, increase the molecular ratio, change the electrolytic composition, and reduce the electrolyte resistance: Finally, the furnace strand is manually processed, and the machine is like a bottom sediment(alumina suppliers). It is a big problem to use steel to make the corners, so that the carbon material contacts the aluminum liquid Conductive.

The electrolyte is reddish, has a high viscosity, is weak and has poor fluidity, and the anode gas discharge is blocked(aluminium oxide abrasive powder). The processing of cold sugar in the later stage will be more difficult, especially the regularity of the acid used for phosphorus, which will occupy a long time, and the existence of abnormal imaging such as voltage passive, which increases the difficulty of the operation(aluminum oxide 80-90 grit). The flame is soft and weak.(high quality alumina powder suppliers south africa)

If they are not handled properly, it will affect the safety of the series(brown aluminium oxide grit). First, increase the set voltage to increase the aluminum output from the means of increasing the heat gain; then reduce the heat expenditure, such as increasing the insulation material. When the incident occurs, effective and feasible treatment methods must be taken in time to avoid further deterioration of the accident(aluminum oxide suppliers). This is called sickness.

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