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High Quality GMA Garnet Suppliers Portugal

Only carbon products with low price and good conductivity can resist this kind of erosion, i.e. carbon cathode and carbon positive grade(garnet abrasive). In the process of electrolysis, the carbon, i.e. the electrode, is not consumed, and the carbon anode is consumed due to its direct participation in the electrochemical reaction surface(garnet mesh 30 60). The uniform dimension of the phase pole of the pre wall shall be determined according to the design committee.

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In the physical properties of oxidation cutting, the physical instrument standards such as stretch, tegan number, specific surface area and repose angle have different effects on electrolytic production(aluminum oxide abrasive). The particle size of lead oxide should be uniform. There shall be no bulge and bending(white corundum abrasive). The oxidation area of the finished product surface shall not be greater than 20% of the source product, and the depth shall not be more than 5mm.(high quality gma garnet suppliers portugal)

The oxidation quality has an important impact on the production of Du electrolysis(black silicon carbide), which is not only reflected in the influence of strip content on the quality of primary aluminum, but also some elements participate in the electrochemical reaction, resulting in the decrease of current efficiency(80 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). According to the properties of alumina, it can be divided into physical and chemical properties, which have different effects on aluminum electrolysis.

(high quality gma garnet suppliers portugal)To reduce the carbon consumption of paper silicon strip, there is a higher requirement for the quality of anode used in aluminum electrolysis(green silicon carbide). At present, the content of sulfur and other oxides not only affects the physical and chemical indexes of the anode, but also pollutes the original aluminum in the electrolysis process, resulting in the quality decline of the original aluminum(black aluminium oxide grains). The fillers with bonding on the surface of the finished product must be cleaned up.

Finally, the particle size requires that the resistivity of the anode is small (about 500 mm / M), which can reduce the power consumption(pink corundum). According to the industry standard (YS / t285-2007), the technical requirements of carbon anode for aluminum power plant production were carried out(garnet supply). It mainly includes appearance requirements, size requirements, physical and chemical indexes, etc. There shall be no more than 3 cracks below 100 mm.(high quality gma garnet suppliers portugal)

The corner drop and inspection of the lower part of the finished product shall meet the following requirements(black corundum). The crack length in the special hole or hole edge shall not be greater than 60mm, and there shall be no connected cracks between holes. At the same time, the dissolution rate of alumina in the electric fines is reduced, and the bottom precipitation is easy to form(brown fused alumina for waterjet cuting). The defect at the bottom of rod hole shall not be less than 10 mm.

(high quality gma garnet suppliers portugal)The length of edge missing edge of holes in row holes is not more than 40 × 20 mm(white alumina); The depth of the four brain defects on the bottom of the special hole shall not be greater than 15mm, the longitudinal area of the defect shall not be greater than two thirds of the volume of the bottom(sandblasting grit). The length of the surface crack shall not be greater than 150 mm, and the length of the crack in the East plane shall not be greater than 100 mm. 

Secondly, the chemical composition of the anode requires less impurity enzyme content, such as iron, silicon, zinc(brown fused alumina price). The dimension deviation shall comply with the following provisions: length ≤ 1.0%, width ≤ 1.0%, height ≤ 1.0%, non straightness no more than 1% of the length, and the guide angle part shall be in accordance with the drawing standard grid(aluminum oxide grit). The following conditions should be met: the resistivity can be used to reduce the power consumption.(high quality gma garnet suppliers portugal)

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