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High Quality White Corundum Wholesale Price Switzerland

The internal water directly contacts the water chamber of the bridge arm of the rectifier(white corundum). In order to prevent the short circuit accident caused by the internal water conduction in the rectifier cabinet, there are special requirements for the water quality in the current climbing cabinet(garnet abrasive price). Deionized water is required, pH value is 7 ~ 8, insoluble sediment is not more than 0.03mg/l, and resistivity varies according to voltage.

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Annual cleaning of heat sink is an indispensable part of maintenance work in quite a number of chemical enterprises, which is time-consuming and laborious(green carborundum). Assemble the component group with the largest forward voltage drop in the path that may exceed the larger e-commerce. The acid solution produced in the cleaning process also pollutes the environment(glass beads supplier). Because the water quality in most parts of China is not ideal.(high quality white corundum wholesale price switzerland)

At present, when the DC voltage is about 1000V, ≥ 1000k0 · em, the conductivity is ≤ 0.5ms, and there are special requirements for the water temperature(white aluminum oxide). On the one hand, the heat generated by the main power consumption of the rectifier cabinet is taken away by the cooling unit. In addition, the assembly quality of components has a great influence on the current balance(brown fused aluminum oxide factory), so we must pay more attention to it.

(high quality white corundum wholesale price switzerland)However, it is required that the water temperature difference between the inlet and outlet circulation should not exceed 6 ℃(silicon carbide price), and the water pressure should be determined according to the design requirements of the equipment manufacturer. The outer and inner parts of the rectification shadow are through the sheet heat sink(black oxide aluminum), so it has a high requirement for material stiffness, and there are water cavities between them.

In addition, the lower limit of the sample selection is 0.05Mpa, and the upper limit is 0.25MPa(white fused alumina). During the heat exchange process, the wood carries out the heat model carried by the inner water. The external water at a certain temperature is cooled by the most natural tower at the external water system room(fused alumina). The bus support of rectifier cabinet needs to bear a large weight of generator bus, so it is mostly made of metal.(high quality white corundum wholesale price switzerland)

The "softened water" obtained from the industrial water under the condition of primary education is the ideal cooling water for dilute ring(pink corundum). The investment of primary equipment for water production by this method is large, and various places need to choose flexibly according to their own characteristics(silicon carbide companies). At the same time, the labor and cost of cleaning the scale of radiator heat release plate every year are reduced.

(high quality white corundum wholesale price switzerland)Therefore, cangdian group began to try to use the new process of "reverse osmosis" water production, which is used to produce the bacteria ring with higher technical indicators(black corundum). The requirement of external environment is not very high, so the requirement of water quality is not as strict as that of internal water(steel shot abrasive). As long as the content of soluble calcium and magnesium ions is low, "jiaoshui" can meet the requirements of use.

This method can solve the practical problem that the fouling of heat exchanger seriously affects the efficiency of heat exchanger(brown fused alumina price). At the same time, using this method to make water, the salt rate of the ambient water group reaches more than 99.9%, and the conductivity is 8 ~ 10s(arc fused alumina). It is specially suitable for the circulating water as the most flow frame and other occasions that require higher conductivity of the cooling unit.(high quality white corundum wholesale price switzerland)

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