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White Fused Aluminum Oxide Refractory Suppliers UAE

The purpose of increasing preheating temperature can be achieved by increasing electrode distance below(aluminum oxide abrasive). Because of the good conductivity of the image liquid, the circumference distribution of the mirror surface is uniform. The shunt is made of Sichuan tape. The advantage of this method is that it can solve the following problems(garnet suppliers): it is not affected by the uneven surface energy of negative and slow surface, and it is heated evenly.

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It has the following advantages(white corundum): easy operation, no need of other materials and tools, uniform distribution of electricity and temperature, no local overheating during preheating, mild water evaporation from cathode carbon block, small band turning degree and slow temperature rise. The carbon block in the shade floor will not be oxidized due to the aluminum liquid covering(emery abrasive). The soft joint is made by welding several kinds of steel strips and blocks.

(white fused aluminum oxide refractory suppliers uae)There are three installation methods of the splitter(pink corundum): anode steel system - polar steel strip shunt technology, horizontal bus - column bus shunt technology, and short junction connection shunt technology. The main starting line of copper liquid has the following disadvantages(black silicon carbide): high temperature lead liquid directly into yarenbainei, which will make the cathode carbon block subject to strong thermal shock and cause the plate to burst.

At the beginning of the end bag of the inner seal of the electrolytic concentrate, the gas load can reach 500 ~ 700 ℃ after 24 hours(white aluminum oxide), and then the second time of burning is carried out by building the wrong liquid, and then it can be started normally after 34 ~ 20 hours. The purpose of installation is to reduce the thermal shock at the beginning(synthetic corundum). Part of the electric fan mirror is shunted. With the increase of the furnace head, the diverter is removed in time to enter the full current system.(white fused aluminum oxide refractory suppliers uae)

When the initial firing temperature of the second stage is higher than 600 ℃, it can effectively solve the problem of oxidation(black corundum). In the case of pure sinbene burning for fine fruits, there must be a mother Ben heat shock at 900 ℃ in the same section, and the second stage is filled with aluminum water only when the temperature is above 600 ℃(green silicon carbide). So the thermal shock problem is effectively improved. 320 kA electrolyzer protective materials and dosage.

(white fused aluminum oxide refractory suppliers uae)This paper introduces the gas preheating equipment of a factory(white fused alumina). Of course, there are also some disadvantages in the second stage sintering of aluminum flow, which does not solve the problem of early damage of electrolytic cell caused by the cracking of effluent preferentially permeating into cathode inner materials. When the cathode lining is heated above 500 ℃, it is caused by dry heat expansion and contraction(aluminum oxide grit). It is very likely that there will be a county split construction.

The gas wall line is between the cathode and the rigid pole, and the fuel includes oil, natural gas, medium layer gas, etc(brown fused alumina price). At present, the original gas equipment is relatively advanced, which is controlled by PIC technology. The whole device has high automation and strong operability(silicon carbide abrasive). It includes six parts: gas source device, combustion device, even gas air main pipe system, tender gas branch pipe system, air branch pipe system and PLC control system.(white fused aluminum oxide refractory suppliers uae)

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