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Corundum Abrasive Suppliers In China

Refractories that can be directly used by cutting or crushing generally do not contain structural water, and there is no brown fused alumina chemical reaction when heated during use, or chemical reaction occurs, but the volume is basically stable, and the volume change rate of materials subject to 80 grit aluminum oxide blasting media high temperature action is small, including siliceous rock, quartz, kyanite, andalusite, sillimanite, peridotite and chromite.

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The true densities of quartz, cristobalite and tridymite are quite different. Soft clay is also a kind of green silicon carbide refractory which is widely used directly. In this chapter, it is discussed together with semi soft clay and hard clay in the refractory clinker section. Siliceous rock does not contain structural water, the main component is Si02, and the content of Si02 is high. The content of Si02 in most siliceous rocks is more than 95%, and the content of SiO: in quartz pink aluminium oxide sand is more than 90%.

(corundum abrasive suppliers in china)When the melt is flowing, the oxygen blowing flame can burn through the flow port. The brown aluminum oxide main mineral phase of siliceous rock is p-quartz, which transforms into a-quartz and quartz to tridymite and cristobalite after heating. When the siliceous rocks are heated, the mineral phase changes from p-quartz to cristobalite or tridymite. The true density of quartz is the largest, the next is cristobalite, and pink fused alumina tridymite is the smallest. 

Because the transformation of quartz into tridymite and cristobalite has a large volume effect, the use of black silicon carbide as natural refractories or refractory materials mainly controls the volume effect caused by crystal transformation and the stress caused by volume effect, resulting in the product porosity and cracking. According to their transformation rate, siliceous rocks can be divided into four types: extremely slow transformation, black aluminum oxide media slow transformation, medium speed transformation and fast transformation.(corundum abrasive suppliers in china)

The white corundum transformation rate of siliceous rock is classified by the true density value of siliceous rock material calcined at 1450 ℃ for 1H. 2.50 years old. When the mineral density is 2.45-2.50 & / cm 3, it belongs to the slow conversion type; when the true density is 2.40-2.45, it belongs to the medium speed conversion type and the fast conversion type, respectively. When the transformation is fast, the transformation rate is high, but when the white fused aluminium oxide temperature is not controlled properly, it is easy to produce cracks.

(corundum abrasive suppliers in china)When the transformation is slow, the aluminum oxide abrasive internal stress is small and it is not easy to crack, but it is not easy to complete the transformation. The furnace body of the flow furnace is similar to the protection body of the frit furnace. There is no flow port at the lower part of the furnace body white fused alumina price. During smelting, the plug cone made of the mixture of coke and clay is used to plug the port.

In addition to the above three furnace types, there are also three kinds of flow dump furnaces with silicon carbide abrasive comprehensive characteristics, which have the following advantages: The corundum solution is in the lower part of the furnace mouth, so the radiation surface is small during smelting, white aluminum oxide abrasive which can reduce the heat loss. When flowing, the melt drop is small, which reduces the impact of the melt on the package and is safer.(corundum abrasive suppliers in china)

The molten corundum is discharged after refining, and there is no charge on the aluminum oxide grit surface of the furnace mouth, which can avoid the charge falling into the ladle and ensure the quality of corundum products. Since the discharge nozzle is in the upper part of the furnace body, it is convenient to clean the discharge nozzle after the brown fused aluminium oxide discharge is dumped and reset (it is not necessary to plug the hole immediately), and it is easy to drill holes for the next discharge.

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