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Black Aluminum Oxide Blast Media Suppliers Belarus

The synthetic corundum mineral composition and chemical composition of each part in the crystal block through careful chemical analysis and micro research on the crystal block of fused black corundum, and through the synthesis and separate research on each mineral composition, the mineral composition and chemical composition of fused black corundum are determined.

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brown fused alumina is a complex crystal block composed of a variety of minerals. The results show that there are many other transparent mineral components in the fused black corundum, such as calcium hexametaaluminate, calcium plagioclase, aluminum rich andalusite and spinel. In addition, there are usually opaque black spherical or irregular shapes of sundries, dendrites, columns and needle like silicon carbide abrasive crystals under transmitted light.

It can be used for pink corundum surface sandblasting of various products. The first three inclusions are ferroalloys, and the second two are titanium bearing minerals with unknown composition. The opaque inclusions in the fused black corundum crystal block are ferroalloys and titanium minerals, mainly including: titanium dioxide, various black titanium ores, rutile, titanium nitride, titanium carbide, and green silicon carbide solid solution titanium oxide.

In order to improve the quality of resin bonded products, it is necessary to solve the quality problem of brown aluminum oxide, develop the microcrystalline abrasive, and vigorously promote the application of coated abrasive. The second point to improve the quality of white corundum is to develop a variety of binders, so that white corundum products can meet the needs of different equipment types, processing objects, processing methods, etc.

It has good hardness, toughness and cutting force. The glass bead blasting media suppliers composition of the opaque inclusions can be determined by the analysis method of the reflexive abrasives and reflection. According to different processing objects, processing methods, and equipment conditions, different formulations are selected. In order to improve the quality of black silicon carbide, we should not only focus on the above aspects, but also pay attention to binder and other issues.

Therefore, the development of a variety of binder formulations can improve the application of brown fused alumina price. The quality of binder also determines the quality of white corundum products. In order to improve the quality of white corundum, we should start from all aspects of white corundum abrasive to improve the quality of white corundum comprehensively. aluminum oxide abrasive is suitable for surface sandblasting of high-grade products. 

white alumina is one of the most economical abrasives suitable for both dry and wet sand blasting processes, especially for rough workpiece surface treatment, which requires more fine surface. It can play its largest role in the sandblasting of products before electroplating or after die-casting, as well as glass, mold, hardware and other products. The common problem in China is that there are few binders, so it is difficult to meet different aluminum oxide grit processing requirements one by one. 

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