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Cheap Aluminum Oxide Sandblasting Grit Factory Malaysia

When the hot metal contains 0.04% bell, graphite can be spheroidized(aluminum oxide grit). Sulfur and oxygen are surface active elements, easy to adsorb on the surface of graphite crystal growth step. Rare earth elements are also strongly stable carbide elements. When the content exceeds a certain amount, the tendency of white cast iron can be improved(240 grit aluminum oxide). The influence of crystal interface energy on the growth mode of spheroidal graphite.

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If the residual amount is high, the adsorption density of free atoms at the screw dislocation exit increases(aluminum oxide abrasive), which blocks part of the growth steps, and may cause the graphite morphology distortion, which is similar to that of the insufficient spheroidizing elements. If the content is too high, a firm coating may be formed on the growth step, which will inhibit the growth of graphite and increase the undercooling capacity sharply(steel grid), resulting in cementite, reduce the consumption of rare earth elements in strategic materials.

(cheap aluminum oxide sandblasting grit factory malaysia)Sulfur and oxygen are the main interfering elements to spheroidal graphite(black silicon carbide). In addition, phosphorus, bismuth, lead, brocade, hoof, tin, arsenic, selenium, titanium and other elements also have interference effect. The distribution coefficients of Ti, as, Sn and Ti in hot metal are very low and highly segregated in the front of solid-liquid interface(glass bead blasting media suppliers), which promotes graphite precipitation along the austenite boundary and promotes the growth of flake graphite.

Cerium, steel and some rare earth elements can effectively eliminate the harmful effects of interfering elements(green silicon carbide). These free interfering elements are adsorbed on the screw dislocations of graphite growth, blocking the c-direction ([0001] orientation) growth step of graphite, destroying the normal growth rule of spherical graphite and producing interference effect(garnet suppliers). Therefore, the content of interfering elements should be limited when magnesium is used as spheroidizing agent.(cheap aluminum oxide sandblasting grit factory malaysia)

The common properties of the interfering elements are(silicon carbide abrasive): the distribution coefficient of solidification is very low and highly concentrated in the front of solidification; most of the interfering elements are highly surface active, which can reduce the surface tension of FEC and Fe Ni alloy melt, and are easy to adsorb on the crystal growth steps; most interference elements have strong affinity with spheroidized elements in molten iron(garnet abrasive), which affects the effectiveness of spheroidizing elements in promoting spheroidization.

The spheroidizing effect is stable and can be kept for a long time(brown aluminum oxide). The mixed rare earth alloys commonly used in factories in China contain many interfering elements, which affect the spheroidizing effect(emery abrasive). In particular, the uneven deposition of titanium atoms on the growth steps of spheroidal graphite results in the growth rate of some single crystals higher than or lower than the normal growth rate of polycrystalline (including alloy composed of magnesium and ferrosilicon).

(cheap aluminum oxide sandblasting grit factory malaysia)It can be seen from this that the surface of the ball will eventually protrude or concave, forming an irregular shape, thus reducing the casting performance(brown fused alumina). It is better to use magnesium alloy spheroidizing agent without mixed rare earth alloy to treat the hot metal of medium thickness (such as less than 100 mm) under the premise of properly adjusting the cooling rate of hot spot(synthetic corundum), which can improve the quality of graphite spheroidization, and more importantly.

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