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Cheap Brown Aluminum Oxide 70 Grit Poland

Therefore, the brown fused alumina soft elastic rubber abrasives produced by using a butadiene rubber vulcanizate as a binding agent are not as soft and flexible as natural rubber abrasive tools; Rubber abrasives have strong grinding force due to their high brittleness and heat resistance, aluminum oxide abrasive which is very close to the performance of EPR products, but the surface roughness of the workpieces to be ground is slightly higher.

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The source of sodium butadiene rubber is lacking, and the brown aluminum oxide processing performance is not high. It has gradually been replaced by styrene butadiene rubber. The synthesis of liquid sodium butylate is similar to that of solid sodium butylate, except that the degree of green silicon carbide polymerization is very low, and the average molecular weight is only 32,000. Appearance is a light yellow viscous glue with a density of 0.84g / cm and a viscosity of 800 ~ 1000mPa · s at 80 ° C.

(cheap brown aluminum oxide 70 grit poland)In the brown aluminium oxide manufacture of domestic rubber abrasive tools, liquid sodium butadiene rubber has been used as a plasticizer for styrene-butadiene hard vulcanizates. , Also used alone as rubber. When used as a plasticizer for styrene-butadiene rubber, it can make the binder raw rubber and black silicon carbide have good adhesion, so that the vulcanized hard rubber mill has high mechanical strength, heat resistance and wear resistance, and can be ground.

Similar to styrene-butadiene rubber, it can also be divided into many types of white alumina grades based on different factors such as the ratio of the two monomers and the synthesis method. Butyl gum has a series of special properties due to the fluorene group in the polymer molecule. Its oil resistance increases with the increase in acrylic acid content. Hard lamella cutting wheels made of butadiene rubber have better cutting performance than aluminum oxide grit soft styrene butadiene rubber.(cheap brown aluminum oxide 70 grit poland)

Butadiene rubber has better abrasion resistance and black corundum thermal stability than natural rubber and styrene-butadiene rubber, but its stability to ozone is worse than other synthetic rubbers. The workpiece has a good surface roughness. When it is used as a rubber bonding agent alone, it is mixed into a loose synthetic corundum molding material by general mixing equipment, and molded into a large size centerless grinding wheel and centerless grinding wheel by molding.

(cheap brown aluminum oxide 70 grit poland)The pink corundum process performance of SBR is worse than that of SBR, so a softener or plasticizer must be used to improve its plasticity and adhesion properties. Nitrile has a unique advantage that it can dissolve in bran, so furfural can be used as a softener when manufacturing abrasive tools, which improves the mechanical strength of the garnet abrasive tools. The vulcanized nitrile gum has a high stability to mineral oil and other oils.

Research shows that: The liquid butyl gel uses the same silicon carbide abrasive raw material and polymerization method as the solid butyl gel, except that the degree of polymerization is controlled and reduced to obtain a liquid butyl gum. The average molecular weight of domestic liquid butadiene gum is less than 10,000, the appearance is brown viscous glue, and it has the special odor of acrylic lung. Tincture lung gum is a light yellow, emery abrasive slightly scented elastomer.(cheap brown aluminum oxide 70 grit poland)

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