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Cheap White Aluminium Oxide Blasting Media USA

Ceramic corundum abrasives, also known as microcrystalline corundum abrasives, is a new type of corundum abrasives that appeared in the world in the 1980s. Its secondary crystals are similar to molten corundum, but the primary crystals are much smaller than those of molten corundum and smaller than those of general sintered corundum(white aluminum oxide), but its primary crystals are denser than sintered corundum, and its use is expanding.

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Application areas(carborundum grit): high-temperature alloys for processing aerospace materials, aircraft engines and steam turbine components: tool steel quenched to HR55 or higher, such as various high-speed steels, high-carbon high-chromium cold work die steel, etc. spraying alloys, such as sprayed Stellite alloy Metco spray coating, welding port and hard chrome layer, etc(carborundum grit suppliers); used in the cutting tool industry to avoid waste products caused by workpiece burns.

This triggered a worldwide upsurge in the synthesis of microcrystalline corundum abrasives by the sol-gel process(brown fused aluminum oxide). Yu corundum wheel, and the price is moderate, but it does not have higher requirements for the grinding machine like the CBN wheel, so it has been favored and welcomed by the majority of users(black silicon carbide powder). However, each abrasive grain of ceramic corundum abrasive grains of the same size is composed of thousands of sub-micron or micron-level fine crystals.

At present, there are many companies in the world that can produce microcrystalline ceramic corundum abrasives and form their own brands(black aluminum oxide). This type of abrasive shows very good grinding performance. The grinding performance of the grinding wheel made between it is between the ultra-hard cubic boron nitride (CBN) grinding wheel and the ordinary corundum grinding wheel, and its processing performance and service life are much higher(silicon carbide 180 grit).

The more successful process of ceramic corundum abrasive is the sol-gel process(white fused alumina), which theoretically guarantees the uniformity of the chemical composition of the substance; and the use of sintering rather than melting manufacturing process to ensure that the abrasive grain is a ceramic polycrystalline sintered body, Lower sintering temperature(silicon carbide abrasive grit): Under the premise of ensuring its hardness, it can greatly improve its toughness.

High purity submicron corundum crystals(pink aluminum oxide). Due to the difference in preparation process and microstructure, ceramic corundum abrasives show many characteristics different from ordinary alumina-based abrasives such as white corundum and brown corundum in terms of structure, toughness and grinding performance(green silicon carbide powder). It has excellent performance when grinding difficult-to-machine materials and where high grinding efficiency and high precision are required.

It has a grain size hundreds of times smaller than ordinary white corundum, high abrasive strength, and micro-crushing performance. Ordinary molten corundum abrasive contains only a small amount of single crystal in each abrasive grain, sometimes only a single crystal, and the crystal size is about 50um or even larger(carborundum abrasives). It is a corundum abrasive synthesized by a unique ceramic technology with a sustained crystal structure.

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