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Cheap Brown Fused Alumina Suppliers In USA

The smelting of Cr corundum is similar to that of brown aluminium oxide. A small amount of Cr2O3 is added into alumina powder as the main raw material. Due to the small amount of Cr2O3, it is mixed in batches according to the ratio of chromium oxide: aluminum oxide powder = 1:5, and then added synchronously with alumina grit powder.

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During the cooling process, sodium aluminate is also segregated in the middle and upper part of the white alumina melting block. The utilization rate of chromium oxide is only 40% ~ 60%. Because of the addition of chromium oxide powder, the flying loss is large. Chromium oxide should be mixed evenly with some synthetic corundum price in advance and be added into the furnace together with aluminum oxide powder.(cheap brown fused alumina suppliers in usa)

The main reasons for the loss of pink corundum are as follows: carbon is introduced into the molten liquid from carbon bearing materials such as carbon rod, electrode, furnace lining carbon brick, so that part of Cr2O3 in the molten liquid is reduced. The reduced chromium exists in the gap of aluminum oxide abrasive blasting grit crystal as a metal phase, resulting in the increase of chromium atoms in the system that are not solid melt lattice structure.

(cheap brown fused alumina suppliers in usa)Part of aluminium oxide abrasive grit forms chromate, which is segregated with sodium aluminate and concentrated in the upper part of the frit. In the process of crushing and classifying, the segregation was removed as unqualified product, and its loss accounted for 10% - 15% of the aluminum oxide blasting abrasive added into the raw material. The measure to reduce the loss of chromium oxide is to add chromium oxide in the middle and later stages of smelting.

There is a great difference between the brown fused alumina added in raw materials and the chromium oxide contained in products. For example, when adding 1.5% TiO2 to the furnace charge, the amount of aluminium oxide blasting grit entering the solid melt can be increased from 50% to 80%. This theory is suitable for all kinds of coated abrasives.(cheap brown fused alumina suppliers in usa) 

The proper additives can improve the integrity of aluminium oxide blasting entering the solid melt. In a word, black corundum is a kind of abrasive with its own advantages. When it is compounded with other abrasives with higher hardness and better durability, it can realize complementary advantages and produce artificial corundum products with properties superior to the original single abrasive, such as fiber wheel, which greatly improves the cost performance.

(cheap brown fused alumina suppliers in usa)In recent ten years, the research and practical application of aluminum oxide have proved that black corundum and abrasives with higher hardness and better durability, such as fused aluminum oxide, calcined brown aluminum oxide, single crystal corundum, white corundum, silicon carbide, zirconium corundum, etc., are combined to form complementary advantages, so that the products have better performance.

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