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Cheap Brown Fused Aluminum Oxide Factory Taiwan

The electrode holder has a water-cooled jacket, and the busbar can use a tubular conductor. The brown aluminum oxide blast media socket of the dumping furnace is welded with a spray water pipe or a water cooling jacket is attached to effectively cool the socket. A large amount of smoke and dust will be generated during the aluminium oxide grit 24 mesh refining, and the fume extraction method is commonly used to remove smoke.

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The smoke exhaust hood is above the black corundum furnace body and is mainly composed of a furnace hood, a chimney and a furnace cover. Dust removal can be performed by wet washing and dust removal. The raw material conveying equipment used in the corundum electric arc furnace mainly includes belt conveyors, bucket elevators and air conveying equipment. The arc furnace capacity is the rated capacity of the black aluminium oxide electric furnace transformer.(cheap brown fused aluminum oxide factory taiwan)

The moisture content of smoke in dry dust removal should be less than 1.2%. Such brown fused alumina equipment includes cyclone dust collector, bag dust collector and dry electrostatic dust collector. Cyclones, bag filters or Venturi scrubbers are commonly used in small and medium-sized electric arc furnaces, and electrostatic precipitators are used in large electric arc furnaces. In addition, the value should increase slightly as the black fused alumina electric furnace power increases.

(cheap brown fused aluminum oxide factory taiwan)According to actual pink corundum production experience, it can be determined by the following formula: In a three-phase electric arc furnace, three electrodes are distributed along three vertices of an equilateral triangle. Making a circle through the center of three electrodes is called "electrode distribution circle", or "electrode circle" for short. The black silicon carbide suppliers distance of the electrodes can be determined by the diameter of the electrode circle.

The energy load per unit area of the brown aluminum oxide electrode circle is called "electrode circular surface specific power", which also means "electrode circular power" or "electrode circular surface capacity". In an electric furnace with a given power, the specific power of the electrode's round surface depends on the distance of the electrodes. The pink alumina determination of the hearth diameter is mainly based on the distance between the electrode and the furnace wall. 

(cheap brown fused aluminum oxide factory taiwan)It has a great influence on the refining of white aluminum oxide 120 grit, and it should have a suitable value. Generally speaking, when smelting brown corundum series, take 6 = 1100 ~ 1600kW / m2. The smelting white corundum series can take 1500 ~ 2000kW / m. When treating the same black silicon carbide factory, the furnace charge will not melt well, the d value of the dumping furnace can be slightly larger than that of the frit furnace, resulting in pinching.

If it is too large, it means that the distribution distance of the electrodes is too close, and the brown aluminium oxide heat is too concentrated in the center of the furnace. It often occurs that the center area is quickly fed, the material is easy to sink, and the electrode is easy to rise, which makes the melting zone form a large crumble. It may also cause the center temperature to be too high, causing excessive reduction, affecting chrome corundum product quality and yield.

If it is too small, it means that the electrode distribution distance is too far, brown fused alumina grit which will cause the furnace center temperature to be insufficient, and the furnace center will form three independent small crumbles. According to the specific surface power of the selected electrode circle, the diameter of the electrode circle can be obtained by the pink fused alumina following formula, and then the distribution distance of the electrodes can be determined.(cheap brown fused aluminum oxide factory taiwan)

Too close, the white alumina furnace wall is exposed to high temperature, which can easily oxidize and etch the furnace lining and furnace shell, and even cause furnace leakage accidents; the diameter of the hearth is too large, the surface area of the hearth is too large, and the material at the side of the furnace cannot be melted, fused aluminium oxide which will cause a lot of waste And, the smelting time is long, the energy consumption is high, and the quality is low.

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