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Cheap White Aluminum Oxide Non-skid Grit Belarus

For example, No. 4 and No. 6 blast furnaces use plug-in copper cooling(white fused alumina), the furnace belly is made of semi-graphite bricks, and the lower part of the body is made of mixed stone bricks and self-bonded silicon carbide bricks. However, the No. 4 blast furnace was put into production at the end of 1974, the national economic crisis was shut down in March 1977(white aluminium oxide manufacturer), the iron output was 2.2 million tons, and the lining was in good condition.

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The brick is easy to oxidize and is not resistant to hot metal erosion, so it can only be used in parts that do not touch the hot metal(white aluminum oxide). In July 1977, the furnace was put into operation again without maintenance. By April 1978, another 2.8 million pig iron was produced. The lining of the furnace was still good(white aluminum oxide 220 grit). No. 6 blast furnace was put into production in April 1976. It was produced for two years and produced 2.7 million tons of iron.

The furnace belly adopts double-shell vaporization cooling(white corundum), and the lower part of the furnace body is inserted with copper cooling plates. To this end, countries widely use methods such as spray repair, press-in material repair, and bandage repair to improve the service life of the furnace(brown aluminum oxide 70 grit). For various reasons, 147 tried silicon carbide bricks, self-incorporated silicon carbide bricks were used for the trial, and satisfactory results were obtained.

Located in the furnace belly, in order to enhance heat transfer, bricks are built by the furnace skin-one layer of bricks, then half bricks are built(brown fused alumina price), half graphite bricks are used for the waist and bottom of the furnace, and self-bonded carbonized bricks are used in the middle of the furnace(synthetic corundum). From three months to 10 months, oxynitride combined with silicon carbide bricks have less erosion, but are more sensitive to strong alkali erosion.

U.S. Bethlehem Iron and Steel Company's blast furnace hearth is made of high-alumina bricks(black aluminum oxide). It takes only 4 months to produce 400,000 tons of iron and is broken. When switching to anthracite-carbon bricks and external water-cooled furnace belly, the iron production was about 9.3 million tons, which was used for five years and two months(aluminum oxide abrasive). Generally speaking, as of June 1981, about 23% of the blast furnaces used silicon carbide refractories.

According to the heat balance theory proposed by Ke Wu Colin and others(pink aluminum oxide), the furnace belly and other parts are cooled by water spray, and the high thermal conductivity carbon brick is built by the furnace shell, and the working layer is built by self-bonding silicon carbide brick(green silicon carbide). It has been working for three and a half years, in more than 50 blast furnaces, and more than 50% of the parts are only about half of its thickness.

This type of lining structure is better than using a brick alone, as shown in Figures 2 ~ 5(silicon carbide abrasive). The full carbon brick furnace in the picture is the data of L Point Blast Furnace and No. 3 Blast Furnace in Australasia. The former has a thicker liner than the latter. After six months of work, the erosion is serious, and the remaining thickness is two(white fused aluminum oxide 60 grit). Those are almost the same(aluminum oxide grit). K-blast furnace belly boron is formed into a comprehensive lining.

For example, among the 394 blast furnaces in Europe and the United States(black silicon carbide), and some furnaces used up to 800 tons, with an average usage of 300-400 tons; the use of silicon carbide bricks They are as follows: 38 in the tuyere area, 40 in the belly, 46 in the waist and 48 in the middle and lower part of the furnace body(emery abrasive). The furnace lining is in good condition; the furnace capacity of No. 7 blast furnace is 3662 meters.

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