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Cheap Aluminum Oxide 40/60 Grit Manufacturers China

On the mixer, it is fired in a high-temperature kiln of fuel oil or gas, fired with high-purity corundum bricks or fused with magnesia bricks(240 grit aluminum oxide). The bricks are installed in the kiln height: no more than 5 bricks (325mm) in flat installation, side installation No more than 3 bricks (345mm). The quality of the foaming agent is generally determined by the three properties of the foam's toughness(corundum sand), bleeding volume and foaming multiple.

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The firing temperature is 1500~1600℃ and the firing temperature is 4~6h(brown fused alumina). The former Soviet Union Ukrainian Institute of Refractories used r-00 alumina and polystyrene beads less than 3mm to make light bricks for alumina cases. Baisheng products are added, the volume density and volume shrinkage decrease, and the compressive strength increases(arc fused alumina). After cooling, wash with salt water 2-3 times, and then wash with water 2-3 times to form a foaming agent (rosin soap).

(cheap aluminum oxide 40/60 grit manufacturers china)The amount of polystyrene balls added is 3%~15%(brown aluminum oxide). Add Bai Sheng to some ingredients. First, the polystyrene pellets are wetted with the hard ferrate salt solution, and then alumina is added to the mixture to make bricks with a bulk density of 1.01-1.023/em. The bricks are dried at 40°C for 3 days. Dry at 110~120℃ for two days, the moisture after drying is 5%-6%(fused alumina). It is fired in tunnel kiln and inverted flame kiln at 1500℃ and 1550℃.

Adding a small amount of polystyrene balls, the compressive strength is significantly higher(brown aluminium oxide). The use of alumina with a smaller particle size can increase the volume density, compressive strength and volume shrinkage of the product. When the firing temperature is increased from 1500°C to 1550°C(aluminum oxide blast media), the volume density and compressive strength of the product are also increased, while the volume shrinkage does not change much.(cheap aluminum oxide 40/60 grit manufacturers china)

Bubbling machine is a horizontal metal round drum, which is equipped with a stirring blade made of metal mesh on the central shaft(silicon carbide price). In the ingredients, CaO, MgO, SiO2 and other oxides can form calcium aluminum feldspar, anorthite, cocoonite, calcium magnesium olivine, diopside and so on(black oxide aluminum). When Baijian is added as an additive of calcium aluminum yellow feldspar (3%), which can greatly improve the production of lightweight bricks by the machine foam method. 

(cheap aluminum oxide 40/60 grit manufacturers china)The amount of foam bleeding, that is, the amount of defoaming within a specified time should be reduced as much as possible(green carborundum). The expansion ratio of the foam reaches 33 to 36 times. The rosin soap is prepared by weighing 37.5% of rosin, crushed to a particle size of less than 5mm, adding solid singular sodium 6.5% and adding 56% of water(1200 grit aluminum oxide), slowly heating in a sugar bowl with electric protection, and dissolving to full saponification.

Sintered a-alumina powder (industrial alumina powder, corundum powder): particle size less than 200 mesh, 80%-95%(silicon carbide companies); clay powder: particle size less than 200 mesh, 5%~20%; plus 3%-6% according to wood chips ( Determined according to the bulk density of the product); add water 25%-30%; at the same time add 3%~5% electrolyte (calcium ligninsulfonate and potassium-aluminum) to increase the stability of the mud(glass beads supplier), most of them use rosin soap as a foaming agent.

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