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High Quality Brown Corundum Powder Factory France

The selection of bauxite production technology scheme follows the progressive principle of "advanced and feasible in technology(silicon carbide companies), reasonable and beneficial in economy, and comprehensive utilization of resources". Strengthen the management, strictly measure and check strictly, reduce the non production power consumption of auxiliary, office and living in the plant area(aluminum oxide blasting abrasive). Strictly control non production power consumption.

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Through the technical transformation, part of the peak load is transferred to the low power consumption period of the power grid(green carborundum). The advanced distributed control system is adopted, and the process parameters of the whole production line are uniformly controlled by the computer, so that the product quality is stable at a high level, and the material consumption can be reduced at the same time(glass bead abrasive). Effective recovery and utilization of waste heat and pressure.

(high quality brown corundum powder factory france)Transformers, electric heating equipment, lighting appliances and other energy-saving products that meet the national energy efficiency standards(brown fused alumina). According to the actual production load, the power factor compensation is carried out for the power consumption of the project, and the terminal power factor compensation device is adopted for the high-power motor to improve the system power factor and reduce the reactive power loss(80 grit aluminum oxide blasting media).

The products produced by the project have been well recognized by the domestic and foreign markets(brown aluminum oxide). In short, from the perspective of environmental protection, the production project is feasible under the premise of ensuring the implementation of various pollutant treatment measures(steel shot abrasive). The technology of reactive power local compensation, reactive power automatic compensation and reactive power dynamic compensation is popularized.(high quality brown corundum powder factory france)

Strengthen the management of electric load. Reasonable arrangement of production technology, production shift, wrong, rotation holiday(brown aluminium oxide). The raw material route, production technology route and main production equipment of the bauxite project meet the requirements of clean production(garnet abrasive price). After taking the above sound insulation and noise reduction measures, the impact of noise sources on the environment can be effectively controlled.

(high quality brown corundum powder factory france)Especially in the past two years, the project construction process does not use the backward production technology, technology and equipment with high energy consumption(white alumina). Promote the application of advanced energy-saving new technology and equipment. High efficiency motor, high efficiency fan, high efficiency water pump, frequency control energy saving technology and soft start technology are actively adopted(arc fused alumina). Carry out electrical balance test. 

Reduce the internal line loss of the enterprise and compensate the reactive power reasonably(black corundum). Arrange equipment overhaul in peak season, and arrange equipment maintenance during daily peak period. At present, China has become the second largest energy producer and consumer in the world. The proposed technology has the characteristics of low energy consumption, high quality and high environmental protection(glass beads manufacturers). Greening the open space of the plant area can further reduce the environmental noise.

Find out the potential of power saving and existing problems, and take practical measures to reduce energy consumption(pink corundum). Energy saving is a long-term strategic principle of China's economic and social development, and also an extremely urgent task at present(fused alumina). Set up circulating water system, make full use of production water, recycle available water resources as far as possible, reduce the waste of water resources, and achieve the purpose of saving water.(high quality brown corundum powder factory france)

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