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60 Grit Aluminum Oxide Manufacturers South Africa

1200 grit aluminum oxide refractories are widely used in abrasive and ceramic firing kilns, non-ferrous metal smelting plants, steel-making furnaces and steel drums. According to different production processes, the products can be divided into recrystallized silicon carbide, high temperature hot pressing products, and products with brown fused alumina manufacturer or clay as binder. The main products are: high temperature furnace components, supporting parts.

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Such as sagger, shed plate, lining plate; heat exchanger, thermowell; tapping tank, ladle lining: 46 grit aluminum oxide refractory brick, etc. At present, refractory has become the biggest use of silicon carbide. In addition to being used as lining of various smelting furnaces, low density white alumina is also used as deoxidizer for steelmaking, structural modifier for cast iron and blast furnace mud. Deaeration is also called deoxidation, and is a good refractory.

(60 grit aluminum oxide manufacturers south africa)The substance that can make molten steel deoxidize is called steel deoxidizer. It is usually deoxidized with ferrosilicon. Using brown aluminium oxide instead of ferrosilicon to deoxidize can reduce smelting time, control composition better, reduce slag, and make steel quality better and more economical. The second grade black silicon carbide is commonly used in deoxidizer preparation, which can be smelted specially when the amount is large.

In this way, the structure of cast iron is improved and the casting is more perfect. The chemical composition of silicon carbide abrasive is required to be: SiC > 90%, free carbon < 4%, and free iron < 1%. The shape of deoxidizer is slightly larger than that of table tennis. It can be made by coal ball making machine. In smelting cast iron, too much aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit is often added to make a small amount of silicon enter the molten iron.(60 grit aluminum oxide manufacturers south africa)

In the electrical industry, green silicon carbide is used to make silicon carbide rod, arrester valve piece, far infrared plate, high temperature semiconductor, etc. The silicon carbide rod is a kind of electric heating element made of green silicon carbide. When the two ends of the white fused alumina manufacturer are electrified, the middle part of the rod will generate heat and generate high temperature. The seminal fluid can be pasted semen or urea formaldehyde resin. 

(60 grit aluminum oxide manufacturers south africa)brown fused alumina are often used in high temperature furnaces, electric kilns and calcining kilns below 1300 ℃. There are coarse end type and equal diameter type. Lightning arrester is a safety facility on high and low voltage transmission lines, which protects transformers and electrical appliances from lightning attack. The key element of arrester is white fused alumina suppliers. It is required to fall to the ground from a height of 1m without fragmentation. 

Non grinding uses include refractories, brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers deoxidizers for steelmaking and tissue improvers for Taotie, lightning arresters and silicon carbon rods, far-infrared plates, high-temperature semiconductor materials, etc. The surface temperature of the heating part of the thick end type brown fused aluminium oxide can reach up to 1450 ℃, and that of the equal diameter type is 1500 ℃. In the dry air, the continuous service life of the SiC rod can reach more than 4000H.

brown aluminum oxide has excellent high temperature oxidation resistance, can withstand high temperature below 1600 ℃ in the air, small coefficient of thermal expansion, high coefficient of thermal conductivity, so it has good thermal shock resistance, can withstand rapid cooling and heat. As the silicon carbide is oxidized slowly in the high temperature air, the resistance of the silicon carbide rod increases gradually and the white fused alumina price.(60 grit aluminum oxide manufacturers south africa)

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