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Aluminium Oxide 36 Grit Manufacturers Japan

White corundum abrasive is made of aluminum oxide powder, which is melted in high temperature in electric arc furnace, then cooled and recrystallized. There is no reduction reaction in smelting, impurities will remain in the product. The main harmful impurity is Nao, which will consume a lot of A12O3 and generate sodium aluminate. There are two processes for smelting 80 grit aluminum oxide: frit process and dumping process. 

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In order to eliminate or weaken the harm of sodium oxide, the process of adding white aluminum oxide or quartz sand was used to convert nas0 into sodium fluoride (boiling point 1700 ℃) and evaporate or generate triclinite. The difference between white corundum smelting and fine grit aluminum oxide smelting: white corundum is produced by dumping method, and white corundum sand or aluminum oxide powder is generally used as lining materials.

(aluminium oxide 36 grit manufacturers japan)Water cooling is required for unlined joint bag, and graphite or white fused alumina refractory products are used for lining for lined joint bag. The production of 180 grit aluminum oxide by frit method requires good heat insulation and air permeability of furnace lining. The utilization rate of crzo3 is 40% ~ 60%. In the smelting process, Cr2O3 loss is caused by reduction loss, flying loss and chromate segregation with sodium aluminate.

The furnace body is divided into lining and non lining. Sintered 60 grit aluminum oxide products are required for lining. The heat loss without lining is relatively large, which generally accounts for more than 24% of the energy consumption of the product, while that with lining only accounts for about 4%. The production process of chrome corundum is similar to that of white corundum. The difference is that Cr2O3 is added in proportion to the raw material.(aluminium oxide 36 grit manufacturers japan)

The measures to prevent the loss of Cr2O3 include: adding Cr2O3 in the middle and later stages of 100 grit aluminum oxide blast media smelting; premixing Cr2O3 and alumina powder, and then adding them into the furnace simultaneously; selecting appropriate additives to improve the integrity of chromium entering the solid melt. The smelting of corundum is carried out in a dump furnace or a flow furnace, and the process is similar to that of 70 grit aluminum oxide blast media.

The difference is that a large amount of zircon sand or hao2 is added to the 150 grit aluminum oxide raw material, and the rapid cooling process is adopted. Because zircon sand contains 30% ~ 35% SiO2 and other impurities, the viscosity of furnace liquid increases and the operation is difficult. In the smelting process, thin material layer is used to facilitate the volatilization of impurities such as silicon (Si and SiO2). Cooling method is the key to obtain microcrystalline structure of 240 grit aluminum oxide.

(aluminium oxide 36 grit manufacturers japan)The utility model is characterized in that the 180 grit aluminum oxide blasting media molten liquid is condensed rapidly and then cooled naturally. Natural cooling is similar to tempering, making cracks close. Symbols of all kinds of silicon carbide: black silicon carbide C, green silicon carbide GC, cubic silicon carbide SC, cerium silicon carbide CC, arrester silicon carbide TB, arrester valve piece are made by using this semiconductor characteristics of 220 grit aluminum oxide blast media.

The receiving package includes unlined receiving package and lined receiving package. The resistivity of 220 grit aluminum oxide changes with the temperature, and the resistivity decreases with the increase of temperature, which is contrary to the temperature characteristics of metal. For example, the reaction mechanism in silicon carbide furnace, industrial 120 grit aluminum oxide harbor freight is made from silicon sand and carbon in the resistance furnace.(aluminium oxide 36 grit manufacturers japan)

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