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Best Aluminum Oxide For Glass Blasting Poland

However, due to the harsh working environment of the tuyere(brown fused alumina), not only the high temperature heat load, but also iron corrosion of about 1500 ℃, especially when the furnace conditions are not smooth, hanging, collapse, etc., the tuyere is very vulnerable to damage(brown fused alumina oxide). Therefore, how to increase the service life of the tuyere, reduce the labor intensity of the workers, and increase the output has become a common concern.

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The bad parts are mostly the lower edge, upper edge or side of the front end(garnet suppliers). In recent years, various new types of air outlets have continuously emerged: The same goal is to improve the copper purity of the tuyere and improve the structure. On the one hand, the purity of the material is improved in order to improve its thermal conductivity; on the other hand, the structure is improved to enhance the cooling capacity(wholesale brown fused alumina); in this way, good results can be received.

Therefore, it is also very important to increase the service life of the slag mouth (just like increasing the service life of the tuyere). The slag mouth and each set of water pipes are compressed with baffles connected to the furnace shell(brown aluminum oxide). Therefore, improving the service life of the tuyere is still one of the important research topics(brown aluminum oxide 250 grit). The large slag mouth is fixed on the steel flange on the furnace shell, and is connected with the cooling wall in the hearth with iron filings to ensure good air tightness.

The slag mouth is generally made of bronze or copper to form a cavity water jacket, and the diameter is generally 50 ~ 60mm, and the high-pressure operation blast furnace is reduced to 40 ~ 45mm(glass bead blasting media suppliers). The second set of Yikou is also a hollow water jacket made of bronze, the third set of slag openings and the large set of slag openings are cast iron water cooling jackets with spiral water pipes(brown fused alumina suppliers). The stove top is the population of the charge and the outlet of the gas.

If it is a high-pressure operation blast furnace, there is a huge thrust inside, and each set of slag mouth will be thrown out(brown aluminium oxide). Therefore, wedges fixed with wedges are added to each set. For small and medium-sized blast furnace walls, the slag water jacket can be reduced to three(brown fused alumina 60 grit). The working environment of the slag mouth is still very bad, and it is mainly corroded by the slag iron, especially when there is more iron in the slag discharge, it is easier to burn out.

However, regardless of the external improvement, it must be matched with the operation of the blast furnace itself, that is, the furnace condition must be guaranteed to go forward(steel grid). In this way, objectively it will help to increase the life of the slag mouth, and then it can achieve the intended purpose with measures such as improving water quality, improving the structure of the slag mouth, and increasing the purity of the slag mouth(brown fused alumina factory). cross-flow, surfacing, and infiltration.

It consists of the following parts: loader: including big bell, big hopper, gas cover, big clock pole, etc(garnet abrasive). The role of the detector is to accurately detect the decline of the material level in order to load in time. In this way, not only can the large clock top be bent when the material is full, but also the furnace top temperature can be prevented from rising when the material is lost(white fused alumina oxide mfg). The material condition has become an important basis for the upper cloth operation.

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