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Brown Aluminium Oxide 24 Mesh Suppliers Germany

A ceramic cup is used to protect the hot surface of the carbon block, which is intended to separate the molten iron from the carbon block(brown fused alumina). Secondly, the ceramic material can insulate the furnace wall, thereby reducing heat loss. Based on the above reasons, it is possible and feasible to adopt ceramic cup material technology in the furnace inner village(20 mesh aluminium oxide grit). This is proved by the practice of most blast furnaces.

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In addition, the former has been used in various parts of many blast furnaces for a long time(black corundum), and the latter is especially suitable for the furnace belly, the furnace waist and the lower part of the furnace due to the improvement of its comprehensive performance. Subsequently, good resistance to erosion(black silicon carbide); good resistance to alkali erosion; this new technology has been widely used in countries around the world.

Therefore, the refractory materials for ceramic cups are required to have the following properties: good resistance to molten iron erosion(brown aluminum oxide), good resistance to slag erosion on the upper part of the cup wall; good resistance to molten iron and slag erosion; therefore, at high temperatures, residual The line becomes zero or slightly positive(emery abrasive); good ability to adapt to stress caused by thermal expansion under pressure; good resistance to thermal shock.

The corundum precast block with low binder content recently developed and developed has relatively small pores(pink corundum), and the pore distribution changes very little, so it has strong thermal shock resistance. Refractory materials that can fully meet the requirements of the foregoing characteristics(aluminum oxide abrasive), have been applied or may be used in ceramic cups, and synthetic mullite-bonded white corundum bricks and Sialon-bonded black corundum bricks.

At the same time, it has also become the primary raw material of ceramic cups(brown aluminium oxide). China's Shougang's design, scientific research, production, manufacturing and other departments have jointly conducted several technical exchanges with French experts. After demonstration, they finally decided to apply ceramic cup technology to Shougang's No. 1 blast furnace(brown aluminium oxide grit). It is suitable for use in the upper and lower areas of the ceramic cup wall.

In order to enable China's blast furnaces to achieve long life under intensified smelting conditions(silicon carbide abrasive), Wuhan Carbonaceous Furnace Lining New Materials Research and Promotion Center summarized the practical experience of applying self-cultivated carbon blocks in small and medium blast furnaces, learned from the longevity experience of foreign blast furnaces(aluminum oxide grit), and developed and developed technologies.

In addition, the technology has been applied to No. 7 (2580m2), No. 4 (1002m1), No. 3 (1200m) and Tiantie No. 4 (550m) blast furnaces(white alumina). The fifth-to-seventh generation of self-melting carbon block products with performances that exceed the domestic traditional melting carbon blocks and the "semi-graphitized self-compensating carbon block-ceramic masonry composite lining technology" suitable for strengthening smelting of large blast furnaces(white aluminum oxide 80 grit).

In particular(green silicon carbide), the "self-melting carbon block-ceramic masonry composite furnace lining" technology and the "semi-graphitized self-baking carbon block-ceramic masonry composite furnace lining" technology are respectively applied to blast furnaces, which will achieve safety, long life, high yield, Energy saving provides a new way(synthetic corundum). The No. 2 blast furnace uses a carbon brick-high alumina brick bottom.

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