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Bulk Buy Aluminium Oxide Abrasive Powder Malaysia

The granulated material is used on isostatic press(white fused alumina price), special rubber (latex) mould, setting out ratio (compression ratio, shrinkage ratio, machining allowance) 30% ~ 40%, forming pressure 120-200mpa. The body is fired in high temperature and density(corundum white). The corundum brick on various kilns is not only restricted by various technological conditions, but also eroded and destroyed by high temperature, high pressure, jealous slag and strong reducing gas.

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Because of the large shrinkage of products during firing(brown fused aluminium oxide), sand pad shall be added under the green body during charging, alumina ball or alumina hollow ball (less than LMM) shall be used for sand pad, and synchronous shrinkage sheet shall be added above the sand pad for large products and special products(white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit). At low temperature, the alumina crystal will dissolve at the product boundary, and the grains will be separated out. 

(bulk buy aluminium oxide abrasive powder malaysia)In order to prevent the billet from cracking caused by the flame impact surface in the process of firing, a fire wall should be added around the billet(white fused aluminum oxide). The firing temperature of the product is 1700-1780 ℃, the retention time is 10-15h, and the total firing time is 7-10 days(buy brown fused alumina). Brick sand is processed into brick sand with particle size less than 3mm by using corundum brick with edge missing, angle dropping, crack and melting hole removed.

Brick sand 62%; brick powder 38%; pulp waste 2%(arc fused alumina). The temperature is 50 ~ 60 ℃, and the drying time is more than 24 hours. It was fired at L780 ℃ for 10h in a dense inverted flame. Sintering linear shrinkage: length: width: thickness = 1.8%: 2.5%: 2.0%, chemical composition: Al2O3, 97.91%, SiO2, 1.14%, Fe2O3, 0.091%, physical properties: apparent porosity 16%(white aluminum oxide blast media), bulk density 3.25g/em, normal temperature compressive strength 162.2mpa.

Corundum brick is widely used in blast furnace and hot blast furnace of metallurgical industry(brown fused alumina), secondary furnace, gasifier, gasifier and cracking furnace of petrochemical industry, as well as various high-temperature heaters of ceramics, building materials, military industry, scientific research and other industries(brown fused alumina oxide). The a-Al2O3 in corundum is transformed into β - Al2O3. Melting curves of alumina and various oxides.(bulk buy aluminium oxide abrasive powder malaysia)

High temperature chemical reaction of alumina(brown aluminum oxide): the melting point of alumina is 2050 ℃, and the melting curve and temperature formed after the reaction of alumina and other oxides have a downward trend at high temperature. Only chromium oxide and alumina can form a continuous solid melt, and the solid melting area is between the melting points of the two oxides(white fused aluminium oxide). The main impurities in corundum brick are silica and iron oxide.

(bulk buy aluminium oxide abrasive powder malaysia)Wet mix for 7 min(brown aluminium oxide). In the ternary system phase diagram of Al2O3 and sio2-fe2o3, the lowest eutectic point is only 1205 ℃, that is to say, the glass phase can be formed above 1200 ℃. Fe2o5 is a kind of low melting point oxide. In addition, in the oxidation atmosphere of dioxolane pentoxide and Cao, the low melting point calcium velate (618 ℃) is formed(brown fused alumina manufacturer), and the volatile calcium velate is formed in the weak reducing gas chlorine.

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