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Cheap Aluminum Oxide 30 Or 40 Grit Suppliers Russia

Before the 1980s, tar bonded brick and fired oil immersed brick were the main refractories for converter at home and abroad(brown aluminium oxide). When graphite is introduced into refractories, the above requirements can be realized and the slag resistance and thermal shock resistance of refractories can be improved(180 grit aluminum oxide). This kind of material, which is composed of refractories and carbon materials, is called carbon composite refractories.

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In this kind of refractories, carbon is formed by carbonization of tar or asphalt, which belongs to amorphous carbon(glass beads manufacturers). There are essential differences between carbon bonded refractories and ceramic bonded refractories. However, traditional refractories cannot meet the above requirements. Its main components are refractory oxide, carbide and flake graphite(80 grit aluminum oxide). After carbonization, the resin frame is carbonized to form a carbon frame.

Because of its low content, it mainly fills in pores, so it can not greatly improve the performance of refractories(garnet abrasive price). With the appearance of top blown converter (including top bottom combined blown converter), ultra-high power electric furnace, then add the fine powder and graphite of refractories, continuous key casting and hot metal pretreatment(150 grit aluminum oxide), some properties of the original refractories can not meet the requirements.

These new equipments and technologies require that refractories have not only enough strength, but also good slag resistance and thermal shock resistance(brown fused alumina). In order to improve the slag resistance of refractories, it is necessary to increase the bulk density and reduce the porosity(100 grit aluminum oxide blast media). However, with the decrease of porosity and the increase of bulk density, the thermal shock resistance of refractories decreases.

According to the microstructure, carbon composite refractories can be divided into two types: ceramic bonded and carbon bonded(glass bead abrasive). Typical ceramic bonding products include fired oil soaked brick, clay or high aluminum graphite products, etc. its structural feature is to form a certain ceramic bonding between refractory components through high-temperature firing(fine grit aluminum oxide), and carbon materials are filled between refractory particles or pores.

Although there are some bonded carbon films in the fired aluminum carbon sliding plate and immersion nozzle(brown aluminum oxide), the main bonding form is ceramic bonding, which still belongs to ceramic bonded carbon composite refractories. The former belongs to unburned refractories(220 grit aluminum oxide), and its production process is generally to mix the binder and coarse particles evenly to form a film on the surface of the coarse particles, and mix evenly to form.

After heat treatment, the resin as binder solidifies to form a solidified resin frame, which combines the refractory component and graphite(steel shot abrasive). Obviously, out of furnace refining, the continuity and strength of carbon framework have a great influence on the properties of products(180 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). The binder with good wettability to refractory and graphite and high carbon residue will form a carbon frame with good integrity and high strength.

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