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Cheap Brown Aluminum Oxide Sandblasting Taiwan

This pouring method is suitable for buy brown fused alumina large ring products. During grouting, it should be noted that the mud can not be filled up, but can only be added to two-thirds of the height of the mold cavity, otherwise, when the model rotates, the mud will be thrown out and overflowed. The rotation speed shall be determined according to the size of the brown fused aluminum oxide factory product. 

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The direction of grouting includes up injection and down injection. When pink corundum placing, the liquid level should rise slowly to prevent bubbles and slurry overflow. According to the product size requirements, and observe the thickness of the dry layer at any time. After the completion of steel shot abrasive slurry suction, the residual slurry should not be poured too fast or too fast to prevent the dry litter layer from deformation or collapse.

The rotation speed with black corundum large diameter is smaller, and the rotation speed with small diameter is larger. During the injection, the mud shall not be directly flushed to the bottom to prevent the formation of concave pool and bubble. For large-diameter pipes, crucibles or ball milling tanks and other white aluminium oxide manufacturer products, master the pouring time, rubber pipes can be used to extend the bottom of the pouring. 

When the diameter of the brown fused alumina blank is large, it is poured into a radial single or double (upper and lower) bottom to reduce the firing deformation of the cylindrical part of the blank. The formed blank body is kept in model 1 for a day and night, and then the rubber ring is removed, and the blank body is taken out of the model. It is generally believed that the green carborundum ideal mud is the less the water content, the better the fluidity.

Relatively small hollow bodies (casings, closed casings) shall be poured with vacuum slurry of low density brown aluminum oxide. According to the wall thickness of the casing, it is necessary to complete the formation within 5-10min. It is also necessary to take out the core from the blank body and all the injection parts from the glass beads manufacturers gypsum mold at the same time. The core is taken out from the bad body when the model is placed vertically.

The formation time of green body is 10-40 min. Before brown aluminium oxide pouring, the metal core shall be cleaned and coated with oil. Before firing, dry calcined alumina powder should be sprinkled on the green body. As shown in the figure, the billets of a and B are poured with the model of metal core. This method has a good effect. In the process of slurry suction of gypsum mold, garnet suppliers mud should be added continuously to keep a certain level of mud.

The slurry of a needs to be vacuumized first to make the slurry have medium density. When white alumina pouring in the vacuum chamber, the wall of the blank with residual pressure of 2KPa a has no thickened part, which is twice as fast as that of B with thickened part, while the billets of B need to be poured with thicker slurry. The silicon carbide companies poured blank is placed in the model and then installed with ordinary screw Set and pull out the core.

Generally, it is very difficult to take out the core from the green body, silicon carbide price which often damages the green body. In order to avoid this problem, it is not only necessary to fill the core full, but also to fill 60 ~ 80 ℃ water when the green body is formed. A very thin layer of mud with small viscosity is produced at the junction of the internal surface of the billet and the heated core, so that the glass bead abrasive core can be easily pulled out of the billet.

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