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Cheapest White Aluminium Oxide Powder Philippines

In the early stage of oxygen converter converting(silicon carbide price), silicon in molten iron is firstly oxidized to form SiO2, which makes the slag become acid and seriously erodes the basic furnace lining. However, when lime (CAO) reacts with silicate molten liquid, dicalcium silicate is formed and precipitates, which can form a dense protective film on the surface of lime particles(46 grit aluminum oxide blast media), so that the lime cannot be dissolved continuously.

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In order to improve the overflow effect of active lime(white corundum), in addition to improving its quality, fluxes such as Dongshi or manganese oxide can also be added to accelerate the dissolution of lime and form alkaline slag as soon as possible. Manganese oxide is usually added to the furnace in the form of manganese ore powder or ferromanganese(white fused alumina make company), and its function is the basic phase of Dong, which has not been popularized.

Fluorite is the most commonly used flux for steelmaking(pink aluminum oxide). For example, the United States Republic iron and steel company from 1967 mining Sichuan light burning dolomite slag, adding 10.5kg/ton steel, the furnace life is increased from more than 300 furnace to 481 furnace times; in the later stage of blowing, because MnO is sensitive to temperature(white aluminum oxide sand), it can improve the slag viscosity, which is conducive to slag lining.

It can reduce the melting temperature of molten water and destroy the coating formed by dicalcium silicate, which is helpful for the dissolution of lime(white aluminum oxide). From the composition of material unit consumption, from the high melting point of dry dicalcium silicate to the middle stage of smelting, the dissolution rate of Ca is still very slow(silicon carbide companies), which makes the furnace lining eroded by low basicity melt over for a long time.

With the increase of the amount of dolomite, the furnace life will increase(black aluminum oxide). However, fluorite has a strong erosion effect on furnace lining, and fluorine gas is released to pollute the environment. Therefore, it is seldom used abroad in recent years. In the early sixties, in the process of oxygen converter smelting, the technology of light burning and white slag making was successfully adopted(aluminum oxide abrasive), which significantly increased the jealous age.

The composition of molten iron plays a decisive role in liquid making(white fused alumina). When there is enough manganese in molten iron, it will be oxidized like silicon in the early stage of blowing, forming low melting point substances such as MnO · SiO2, preventing the formation of high melting point substances such as dicalcium silicate, and accelerating slag formation(green carborundum). Therefore, FeO content in molten iron should be controlled.

At present, in the early stage of smelting, Sumitomo Metal Industry Company of Japan began to use serpentine to regulate the composition of converter flooding(brown fused alumina price). Although it can increase the MgO content in the slag, it is difficult to dephosphorize and desulfurize. In 1975, raw dolomite was used in combination with converter return slag(white aluminum oxide non-skid grit). The consumption of raw dolomite was generally 25-30 kg / ton steel.

Since 1972, the addition of baigongshi has increased to 18.6kg/ton steel(brown fused alumina bfa grade a manufaturer), the furnace life has increased to 951 heats, and the unit consumption of refractories has decreased to 2.5kg/ton steel. Combined with other technical measures, the converter life was increased from about 1500 heats to nearly 2700 heats(aluminum oxide grit). For this reason, light burned active lime is usually added to improve the alkalinity of the molten water.

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