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Taking the micro adjustment of voltage and aluminum discharge rhythm as the measures(black corundum), the long-term strict management of furnace surface (insulation material) and bottom protection (extension or crust) technical conditions (two levels) should be adhered to(abrasive blasting grit). Only by power quality operation can greater benefits be brought into play. The anode needs to be replaced by a new stage, which is called anode replacement.

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At the same time, according to the analysis in the table above, all kinds of non thermal insulation materials have certain advantages and disadvantages, and the cost of oxidation retention and covering is relatively high(white alumina). Moreover, it is easy to close the edge and shape, and the operation procedure can be reduced by adding jobs separately(garnet mesh 30 60). The physical properties and influence of three kinds of thermal insulation materials are listed in the table.(brown corundum powder manufacturers south africa)

However, the silicon content is relatively high, but it is necessary to do a good job in the process control and isolate the electrolyte during the edge closing(pink corundum). Moreover, the fluidity is very good, so it is not suitable to cover the anode side; if the main particles of sulfur flake are too large, the anode oxidation and heat expenditure will be too much if the sulfur flakes are covered separately. It is suitable for mixing with oxidation(garnet suppliers). There are also single details.

(brown corundum powder manufacturers south africa)At the same time, the operation quality should be maintained, and "long-term voltage stability, reasonable technical conditions and regular furnace cavity" should be realized(brown fused alumina). However, as a kind of covering vegetable, the furnace surface is difficult to be trimmed, the particle size of the crushed material is suitable, and it has good heat preservation effect(white corundum abrasive). In addition, the effect on electrolytic sulfur is different, and the covering method also has elegant materials. 

Therefore, the powder drop material is often used in the production as the insulation material of the positive section(green silicon carbide), and the management content of the resistance retaining material is mainly the edge closing and feeding, such as surface maintenance. In the three aspects of thickness adjustment, strict operation standards should be established for the management of disordered materials(garnet abrasive), and regular inspection and evaluation should be organized.(brown corundum powder manufacturers south africa)

The main content of furnace surface maintenance is to level the thermal insulation material(brown aluminum oxide), move the heat preservation material in the over thick part to the thin part, so that the thickness of the whole heat preservation material is uniform. Pay attention to the maintenance of the heat preservation material, and do not allow the cover of powder material to form and maintain the furnace side(gma garnet), and deal with the anode oxidation and setting fire.

(brown corundum powder manufacturers south africa)The corner insulation material can be kept thicker(black silicon carbide). Increase the thermal insulation at the corner, and there should be a high-low transition between the residual pole and the new pole, and not all of them should be flat. The thickness of insulation material can be adjusted(black aluminium oxide grains). The front insulation material mainly uses alumina and crushed surface shell blocks, which are not only added as moisturizing materials, but are usually added after mixing.

These materials have different effects as insulation materials(brown aluminium oxide). Although the current efficiency decreases in the process of implementation, it still increases the number of slot errors by strengthening the electric speed. The comprehensive benefits brought by low DC power consumption can be very good. Since the production of 320 kA electrolytic cell with low voltage technology(aluminum oxide grit), the table of benefit standard comparison in two years is shown in the table.(brown corundum powder manufacturers south africa)

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