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Low Price Alumina Polishing Powder Suppliers France

The reheatability of the bonding agent mainly depends on the characteristics of the bonding material itself(fused aluminium oxide). If the heat resistance of the resin is not high, it begins to decompose in the air at about 280 ℃, and all carbonization at 500 ℃ actually the working temperature of the phenolic resin does not exceed 120 ℃(aluminium oxide blasting grit). Heat resistance is improved. For example, polyimide resin has better heat resistance and can be used for a long time at 260C.

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When the abrasive wears, it cannot fall off normally(alumina grit). Therefore, in order to improve the heat resistance of the grinding tool, in addition to selecting a good heat resistance bonding material, corresponding measures must be taken, fillers with good thermal conductivity (generally metal fillers with good thermal conductivity) must be added, and cooling measures should be taken during grinding(fine grit aluminum oxide), Strictly control the amount of feed and so on.

Of course, both consumption and productivity must be considered in production(brown fused alumina). It is impossible to expose new abrasives, which makes it difficult for grinding friends to perform, and the workpiece performance will cause burns. Long-term exposure will destroy the skin tissues, and large amounts of contact with the central nervous system surface of the Noma brand will cause life danger(synthetic corundum price). The appearance of xylenol is a colorless or tan transparent liquid.

The roughness of the processed workpiece mainly depends on the abrasive particle size, but it is also related to the performance of the binder(brown aluminum oxide). Generally speaking, the resin abrasive has a certain "elasticity", so the roughness of the processing is relatively good. Performance and processing technology are closely related(120 grit aluminum oxide harbor freight). For example, wet grinding has lower coarse sugar content than dry grinding; small feed has lower coarse sugar content than larger feed.

Binders, various fillers, etc(brown aluminium oxide). in the bonding agent, on the basis of ensuring the above performance, must also consider the requirements of its price, supply, environmental impact, processing characteristics and other aspects(80 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). Although the imide resin has better mechanical properties and heat resistance than aldehyde resin, its price is ten times that of phenol resin, and the molding temperature is high and the molding pressure is high, so its use is not extensive.

When Zuijing burns in the air, it presents a yellow flame and thick smoke(220 grit aluminum oxide blast media). The benzene fat is extremely toxic and has a corrosive and irritating effect. It can degrade proteins. When the skin comes into contact with the skin, it first turns white and then turns red(aluminum oxide blasting abrasive). It is wrinkled and has a strong burning sensation. The maximum allowable concentration of benzene yang vapor in the air is 0.005mg / L. It is only used in the case of production efficiency.

The bonding agent is too hard. Phenol is an important chemical raw material, it is widely used in dry plastics, fibers, coatings and pharmaceutical industries(aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit). Among them, xylenol has 3 reaction points, which can interact with Xinjiang to form a network thermosetting resin; with 2 reaction points, xylenol can only produce linear thermoplastic resin(aluminium oxide abrasive grit). 2.4-2.6-xylenol with only one reaction point cannot participate in the reaction to form a resin.

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